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Looking for some home-grown furniture and design inspiration? Well, this ideabook has it in spades, featuring a line-up of designers worth keeping an eye on, all based in Hong Kong (all except the one from Macau… but he's close enough geographically that we thought you might want to know about him anyway).

Let's meet the designers living, working and imagining right under your nose…

Fun with colour

New Look Upholstery chose deliberately clashing colours for this comfy sofa. Picking shades from directly opposing sides of the colour wheel has resulted in a look that's as fun and silly as it is eye-catching.

A piece like this, will, inevitably, always be seen as a statement, so it would be important to get the surroundings just right. Either keeping things neutral and making the sofa the centre of the space or, alternatively, going all out with a commitment to the yellow and purple colour scheme would work wonderfully.

The design game

This chess set by Folklore HK is a great example of how simple changes to a classic design can result in a whole new look. By replacing the classic white side with red and adding cute and quirky headwear to the top of the pieces, the designers have created a playful, child-friendly twist on a game that has often been viewed as traditional and even a little stuffy.The strong colours of this piece make it decorative as much as it is functional; even if you rarely play chess, this is an item that would act as an eye-catching accent to a living or dining room.

Eastern influences

Kara Fabric specialise in highly modern and simple fabric prints that tend to show a clear Eastern influence. This cushion cover is a perfect example of the company's signature style. Its monochrome colour scheme offers the perfect complement to strong statement colours, such as the red seen here. 

Winter in the living room

A stencil, statement wallpaper or piece of wall art can entirely change the feel of the room, as this piece by Decals Time shows. With the simple application of this understated design, an all-white room seems transformed into an icy winter scene. Once again, a strong statement scene breaks up the uniformity of the colour scheme. 

Antique inspiration

Paradise NO.11 Eric Fok
Eric Fok

Paradise NO.11

Eric Fok

We'll include this one because it's too good to leave out, although Eric Fok, the illustrator featured here, is actually based in Macau rather than Hong Kong. He creates incredible antique-style illustrations that map what the region of his upbringing means to him now. In this one, Paradise No. 11, casinos and construction sties compete for space amidst traffic-choked expanses of land.

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