6 Tips to Make Your Home Interiors Look Unique

Aarti Tripathi Aarti Tripathi
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It would be an overstatement to say that the home interiors based on the standards are passé. In fact, the home design based on a set formula is more prevalent. But this is definitely a blessing for those who want to set up their home decor in a unique way. Here are some of the unique ideas that are definitely not for those who go by the books. These offbeat ideas may seem a little outlandish to some. However, both creativity and beauty are defined subjectively and instinctively. The unique home interior ideas mentioned below may be a little unconventional and may seem to drift away from the norm, but for those who do not want to stick to conventions will definitely like it. Whether it is the unusual colours, unique rug designs, or quaint lampshades, they all have an incredible appeal.

Add Unusual Colours

Contemporary interior designing is no longer about sticking to the norms. Those who follow the trends in colours may not necessarily be able to give a unique touch to the house. The unusual colours make the house interiors look different from the rest. However, unusual does not necessarily need to be outlandish or bizarre. In fact, some unusual colour combinations truly accentuate the home decor. For instance, combination of sunny yellow and bright orange makes the room look vibrant and full of energy. An asymmetrical combination of mustard yellow, turquoise, black, and brown can also give a great touch to the room. For instance, sofa upholstered in mustard yellow, doors in white, walls in turquoise, cabinets in different colours and hues of brown, black, and even yellow will be perfect.

Out of the Box Wall Paintings

While solid wall paint colour remains most popular even today, not every homeowner wants to settle for it. A lot of people are looking for the new wall paint ideas that are totally out of the box and never seen before. Distinct wall paintings require a lot of thinking and creativity, but the results could be really satisfying. For instance, wall painting for home interiors in some unique geometric patterns in appealing colours could look really fabulous. Although square and triangular patterns are easier to paint, people are now also going for the polygonal designs. Homeowners these days are also getting their walls painted in different patterns. The walls of the house could be a perfect place to demonstrate one’s artistic frame of mind. Acrylic painting, hand paintings, and surreal patterns are some of the ideas to look out for.

Upcycled Furniture

Not many know, but upcycled furniture items can completely transfigure the home decor and in a very unique way. It is hard to imagine how a furniture item one has put aside to be trashed could transform the house when it is given the new breath of life. For instance, if there is a sewing machine cabinet whose machine doesn’t work anymore, most will think about throwing it away. However, the most creative ones will remove the machine, paint the cabinet in their favourite colour and then create an pull out drawer for a bathroom. There is no need to throw the headboards of the old beds away. They can be painted again in some amazing colours and will make for a wonderful showpiece item. They can also be cut into smaller boards and used as a pin board for the family photos.

Bold Colours

A new paint job gives a new life to the home interiors, but choosing the right combination of colours is vital. Waking up to a dull coloured bedroom or walking into a boring living room may not go well with all the people. This is the reason why they want something bold and daring. Bold colours for home interiors create a vibrant atmosphere which is full of energy. A combination of bright yellow and striking amber is perfect for those who want to enliven their bedroom or living room. Green is soothing, but bright green combines with a host of other dazzling colours to give a completely unique look to the home interiors. With the furniture and other decor items complementing the radiant colours of the wall, the house will certainly stand apart from the rest.

Lamp Shades

The floor lamp made of stacked lampshades, resting nicely in corner of any room will provide a truly unique look with the soft glow of the low-watt bulbs. Symmetrical, uneven, or lopsided, the stacked lampshades have a distinctive appeal and create a sense of exclusivity. Those looking for a unique lampshade idea without pinching a big hole in the pocket can go for the neutral coloured lampshades. They are usually inexpensive and can be later embellished with the patterned paper cut-outs of one’s personal liking. Patterned papers over the lampshade not only spruce up the look but also generate intriguing shadows. Just about any lampshade can be covered with the family photos for a unique visual appeal.

Unique Rug Patterns

Picking the perfect rug for home interiors could get a little tricky, especially when one is looking for a unique appeal. There are plenty of elegant looking rugs in the market, but they are too routine and boring. Unique rug patterns may not necessarily be classy all the time, but they are fascinating in their own way. Tapistong rug in grey shade with footprint cut out would be a great idea for the bedroom. It looks unique without losing the touch of elegance. A rug with the hopscotch print will look uniquely playful in the kids’ room. However, it will be just as much fun in the adults’ rooms as well. A rug created with the shoelaces of different colours is definitely something extremely unique. The laces are wound together tightly to ensure no one trips over.

Home interiors based on the standards and norms are not for everyone. There are some people who are always looking out for unique and creative ideas for home interiors and decor. Luckily, there are a number of options available for such people and some of them have been outlined above.

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