6 spring cleaning tasks you absolutely can't ignore!

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Spring has officially sprung guys, which means only one thing; you need to tackle all those chore-some spring cleaning tasks that you've been putting off all winter. Don't worry, we aren't going to give you a seemingly endless list of jobs to tackle, but there are six tasks that we think you should absolutely face, head-on, while the weather is warming up and you have the motivation to get them sorted. We can't all be professional cleaners, but with a little guidance, you can certainly carry out your necessary cleaning chores with the same aplomb, so if you want to get your home shipshape and ready for the rest of the year, read on to discover what you need to do right now!

1. Vacuum and turn your mattresses.

Give your mattresses a freshen up by sprinkling baking soda and essential oils on them before vacuuming extensively and turning them. You should actually turn your mattresses every six months, but as long as you do them in spring, you'll feel the benefit, as will your back!

2. Deep clean rugs and carpets.

While you have the vacuum cleaner out, it's time to give your rugs and carpets some attention. Take your rugs outside and beat the dust out of them first, then spend some time really getting into the pile with your vacuum. You'd be shocked at how much dust and dead skin cells collect in your floor coverings, so deal with them!

3. Have a detox.

Spring is the perfect time to have a thorough detox of your hoe, which means you need to throw out all of your old clothes and clutter that no longer serves any purpose other than making your home feel too claustrophobic and cloying. Take it room by room and try to be ruthless!

4. Rake the winter garden debris.

Your garden will be filled with fallen leaves and debris from the colder months, but now that the sun is shining, you can rake everything up and give your lawn the first proper mowing of the year. This will set your outdoor space in good stead to continue growing healthily and don't forget to check your gutters for leaves as well!

5. Clean the windows, inside AND out.

With the sun shining, you want to take full advantage of all the natural light that pours into your home and the best way to do that is to make sure that your windows are gleaming. Clean inside and out, ensuring a streak-free finish and you'll find that your home is instantly refreshed, every day.

6. Clean your air conditioning vents.

Months of heavy use, to heat your home, will have left your air conditioning systems full of dust and grime, so while you're undertaking some serious cleaning, don't neglect those vents! Take them out and either rinse them, pop them through the dishwasher or vacuum them, to remove all of the grime.

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