9 pictures of U-shaped kitchens to inspire you

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Let’s get straight to the point; today we are going to have some fun with kitchens with U designs.

This set of images of kitchens could come in handy if you are set to renew your kitchen’s look. Don’t miss out any of the projects, as they are all unique in their own way.

When installing U-shaped kitchens, size doesn’t matter these kitchens can fit into any space, no matter how big or small. U- kitchens are functional and versatile.

1. Small and traditional

As discussed above, U-shaped kitchens are ideal for all kinds of spaces, especially when you have a kitchen. If fits all corners perfectly and uses the surface well for storage.

In this kitchen here, the limited space is no restriction for making delicious meals. But let’s not forget the elegance and genius it exudes.

2. Modern elegance

The amazing thing about U-shaped kitchens is that they can adapt to any design concept including the most modern ones. The trick here is to use simple décor to create beautiful pantries that embed in the walls of this kitchen.

3. Delimiting spaces

A well-executed design takes advantage of space no matter what its shape. This long kitchen here has no corners that mark boundaries between itself and the rest of the home.

4. Simple but beautiful

The U-kitchens are effective designs that, when well-done can lift your home. These kitchens require less decoration and care. This marble countertop U-shaped kitchen is stunning with its functionality.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

5. Curvy and fun!

If you are looking for a bold design form your kitchen, then this is it. This design here does not adhere to the rules laid out. This unusual kitchen does not follow the rules of linear kitchens, it’s quirky and can utilise limited space well.

6. White and beautiful!

This kitchen here is plain white, but fantastic to look at. The U-shaped kitchen takes full advantage of space and not a millimetre is wasted. The red stools at the breakfast bar pop to add a bit of colour in this pristine kitchen. The shelves are amazingly minimalistic yet useful.

7. Absolute luxury

The blend of black marble, wood and steel takes over this kitchen beautifully. His kitchen is simply sublime and enhances the look of the entire house. The lighting here adds to the brilliance of this kitchen.

Checkout 5 kitchen lighting ideas here.

8. White, black and beautiful!

This beautiful kitchen here takes advantage of contrasting colours that takes the décor to all new levels. The basic colours combine with the wall tiles makes this kitchen look simply stunning!

9. Chequered and beautiful

Here is another beautiful white and black kitchen with a little pop of red and green in the wall tiles. The chequered wall and the linear lines with the old fashioned chairs make this kitchen a charming place for the family to hang out at.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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