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5 Scandinavian bedroom ideas

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Simple shapes, smart design and wood, wood, always plenty of wood… these are the key attributes by which Scandinavian furniture design tends to make itself known. But within those general rules, there is a great deal of space for variation and imagination. IKEA is just the tip of a very exciting design iceberg; there''s so much more to discover here. 

This is why Scandinavian furniture has become renowned worldwide as some of the most visually distinctive as well as the most well-constructed it's possible to find. For bedrooms especially, where simple, uncluttered comfort is often the order of the day, choosing Scandinavian style furniture, or at least a fair few Scandinavian-style accessories, is an effective way of achieving an understated, livable atmosphere.

It's no wonder that furniture designers from all over the world draw heavily on Scandinavian influences in their work. Here are just a few bedroom bits and pieces from global designers—none of them based in Scandinavia—that prove the powerful international impact of Scandinavian design. Even more than that, they prove the powerful impact that Scandinavian-inspired pieces can have on your own bedroom. 

Stackable style

Scandinavian Cool iDecorate Ltd BedroomAccessories & decoration
iDecorate Ltd

Scandinavian Cool

iDecorate Ltd

Designers of chic, simple storage accessories and other interior design bits and bobs, idecorate know the power of versatility. These Hong Kong designers have drawn great inspiration from Scandinavian methods and aesthetics to produce these hexagonal shelving units. Seen here stacked, each one is a self-contained shelf. They could be hung individually on a wall, dotted around the room, or stacked and piled in any number of formations. They could be used for storing anything from books to ornaments to toiletries. Simplicity, functionality and a careful avoidance of over-design are key to the appeal of this product. 

A customised wardrobe

This storage system by Sandra Nielen is, like the one we just saw, made up of separable elements that allow for a customised design. The look of the furniture itself is totally neutral, with the interest and creativity being provided by the way in which the owner chooses to arrange the pieces. The wardrobe can be expanded with additional elements or reduced if requirements change, or the owner moves house. 

Modern warmth

Seart's solid, white wooden bed is a classic of Scandinavian-style design. Robustness and unarguable good taste are chosen over delicacy and adornment. The white colour brings the design of the bed up to date, fitting in perfectly with the minimalism of its white surroundings. The result is a highly contemporary interior that resists the coldness or overly industrialised appearance that can accompany consciously modern designs. 

Classic 60s

This bedside table channels classic 60s Scandinavian style, seeming indistinguishable from a genuine artefact of the period. The beautifully tapered legs and well-finished teak surfaces are key ingredients for this look.

Lighthearted lighting

Lily Light Shade homify BedroomLighting

Lily Light Shade


Choosing Scandinavian simplicity doesn't mean eschewing quirkiness and character, as demonstrated by these lovely light pieces by Yorke Design. Classy but fun, their flower-like shades bring nature into the bedroom without going full-on floral. Once again, keeping to a light palette proves effective in maintaining a consistent, understated look, even when the silhouette employed leans towards silliness. 

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