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7 beautiful entrance door ideas for your home

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Whether its a multi storied apartment or an independent villa or bungalow, the main door serves the purpose of security as well as creating the first impressions of the house. So while the main door needs to be sturdy and secure, how it appears is important too. Gone are the days when there were hardly any design choices and average middle class home owners opted for the mundane main doors available locally or the traditional wood carved bulky doors that may no longer be suitable for contemporary small size apartments. Exposure to international designs through the internet and experiences of the well traveled global Indian, is changing design sensibilities overall. Lets look at some beautiful and stylish main doors. 

Solid and Classy

Uncomplicated and contemporary style this main door in solid wood is an easy choice. Its difficult to go wrong with a minimalist design like this one. It serves well as a doorway to both a modern nordic or a traditional style home. The door handle its the main feature, simple, elegant and sturdy. Choose a natural wood finish in different shades of brown to accentuate the surrounding wall color.

Interesting accessories

Door accessories can add a touch of glamour to an otherwise straightforward design. Wrought iron metal adornments like these , for knocking, posting and as a handle bar enhance the rustic appeal of this door. This can be a perfect choice for country homes with lot of greenery around, though not restricted to them. A modern city door with similar features can be a standout in the sea of average apartment doors in the city.

Go Traditional

Think of heavy, intricate and highly ornate doors usually seen in temples in south India. For those who love all things traditional, these bulky wooden doors could be an ideal choice for the face of the house. With a matching interior to boost, these doors look classy and surely would stand out from the crowd. such doors can be used very well as front doors for bungalows, but a toned down lighter version could be a good choice for an apartment too. A little inspiration never hurt anyone, did it?

Plants Anyone

Upper Park, Loughton Boscolo Windows & doors Doors

Upper Park, Loughton


How about some green at the entrance? Plants have such a calming effect on their surroundings. Apart from being a great way to decorate the entrance, plants have a welcoming vibe about them. They brighten up the ambiance almost immediately. Opt for tall holders like this one on either side of the main door or simply place (well taken care of) potted plants or flower pots in one corner outside the apartment's main door; both work wonders in beautifying the doorway and display the owner's love for nature.

Tanslucent Door

When space is not a constraint, huge main doors like this one can be incorporated. They look grand and beautiful. Use of glass on either side of the main wooden door allows the person to see who is outside as well. One can secure the glass portion with metal grills for safety and security. For privacy, curtains work perfectly. They look elegant and are very functional for these kind of doors. Such doors are usually seen in villas and bungalows that have a good amount of porch space. 

All Metal Door

Its not uncommon to find double doors in the main entrance of the house. A regular wooden door is generally backed by a more sturdy (usually ugly) metal door. Take inspiration from this elegant metal door that makes it drool worthy. Safe, secure and sturdy with looks to match, this door can be used alone instead of putting up two doors. A matte steel finish with a hint of wood on the side panel makes it a pretty piece, just perfect for a main door.

Here are some more Ideas on beautiful main doors. The main door is the face of the house and it can serve as a great opportunity to express the personal style of the owner. It is where visitors can gauge the vibes of the home. So don't just ignore the main door that faces the world outside. Take inspiration from these lovely and practical designs to make that first impression worthy of the beautiful decor that's inside.

Which door did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.
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