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Innovative Storage Solutions for A Small Home

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Space is a luxury in most big cities all over the world, apartments seem to get smaller and smaller and our possessions seems to multiply. Metros cities in India like Mumbai and Bangalore are no exception. Using every inch of space is often the need in tiny apartments, and innovative storage spaces is the answer to modern compact homes. Though planned interiors through a professional designer can be a great idea, use of space saving furniture and smart layouts can be a big help too. The internet is a great place to look for ideas and ingenious home storage inspiration. Trendy furniture in sleek contemporary styles should not only be beautiful, but also efficient in saving space. You home will lack neither in style nor function with these trendy storage space savers.

Wardrobe with shoe storage under the stairs

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


A tiny staircase leading up to to a upper floor be a great place for storage. This easy to move huge wardrobe designed by Chasewood Furniture seems like a perfect fit in this space. This design can be amplified in bigger apartments, duplexes and villas, where entire wardrobes can be constructed in the same fashion. Staircases are often ignored but can be productively used for storing any household items, big or small.

Kitchen Storage

This innovative rack from Friday Project is a welcome addition to any kitchen. With provision to hold almost all kinds of kitchen items, it seems to be an ideal kitchen friend for small home owners. The top shelves with their magnetic roofs allow jars with metal caps to be placed in an anti gravity fashion! There's room for storing eggs, vegetables and fruits separately and neatly. Some items are concealed while other are displayed. There's even room for storing crockery and cutlery for quick access. 

Multipurpose storage units

Is it a TV unit, wardrobe or a bunk bed? This multipurpose piece of furniture makes excellent use of the limited space in small apartments. It is apt for a studio apartment preferably with a high ceiling. Notice how the shoes and even books have been accommodated, all in one compact space. Customize the unit as per the requirement adding or deleting the components as needed.

Storage for utensils

Stainless steel plate racks The Plate Rack KitchenCabinets & shelves
The Plate Rack

Stainless steel plate racks

The Plate Rack

Not a very long time ago, a steel rack like this one was very common in typical middle class households in India. Sleek modern modular kitchens are fast replacing this. However this stainless steel utensil rack is quite useful as it allows the entire set of crockery and cutlery to be stored and displayed at one place. It's easy to place dishes here immediately after a wash and also easily accessible when needed. A good quality sturdy and well designed wall rack like this one makes good use of vertical space and therefore ideal for a compact kitchen in a compact apartment.

Storage at different levels

When thinking of creating innovative spaces in an apartment, think about all the dimensions. Putting the height of a room to use can help create lot of additional area for storage. The use of bright colours makes a big difference, as dark and dull colors can make the room look claustrophobic. A good balance between volume and area will help bring out the best in design and function.

Multipurpose Coffee Tables

These beautiful and contemporary coffee tables serve as side tables or a bench for additional seating space in the living room but, the storage space within the tables is the highlight. Minimalist and practical, these tables look sleek in spite of a considerable holding capacity. From storing daily medicines to newspapers and magazines, these tables are extremely versatile and need not be restricted to any room. They won't seem out of place in a kitchen, living room or even the bathroom.

Innovative storage furniture is not hard to find. A keen eye for design and detail is what is needed to get the perfect purchase for your home. When space is at a premium, modern sleek furniture can be of great help providing the right sense of design, style, colour and taste to the home. If you have a small home and are looking for intelligent storage solutions, take a look at this ideabook on Clever storage solutions. Now what are you waiting for?

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