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10 Wooden furniture perfect for your home

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Modern living room by KDF Arquitectura Modern
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Wooden furniture adds warmth to our home interiors. From the tired traveller to the busy bee who comes back home from a long a day, the home with comfortable wood furniture give rest and relaxation. The room that holds the things we vale also allows us to rest.

This little wonder of an apartment is spread across 343 square meters. Within this space, our creative designers have set to work with wooden furnishing that is sure to inspire you to create your own!

1. The shelves in the kitchen

This wooden kitchen island is easy to manufacture and its design is impeccable. The side shelves allow for storage and use making the kitchen beautiful and functional.

2. Sliding wooden doors

Sliding doors between the kitchen and the dining room helps save space while giving your home an ultra modern look that can never go wrong.

3. A Modern Kitchen

Here is a spectacular kitchen with linear countertops that facilitate movement in the kitchen. The stainless steel railings further add style to the kitchen. The neat aesthetics and design are further amplified by drawers without handles. The laminated wood and the countertop with quartz siltstone complement each other well.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

4. Majestic doors

When wooden doors are placed at the end of a hallway they should be made the protagonists. Sliding doors feel like dead space in such locations. Whereas, magnificent doors at the end of hallways should look like a majestic portal into another world!

Checkout 10 sleek sliding doors for small homes here.

5. A beautiful bathroom

Small details in the bathroom make the difference. The popular saying says God is in the details. When there is perfection and care in small things, everything will look more harmonious. This piece of furniture for the bathroom proves it. As well as necessary, it is beautiful.

God is in the details! Small details in bathrooms make a big difference in your home. Perfection and care in every detail make for a harmonious looking home. This piece of furniture in the bathroom proves just that and it is beautiful!

6.A separator that is also a shelf

Natural light inside homes are priceless. This wooden separator allows light in, successfully creates a division between rooms and allows for free movement within the home. It occupies little space with multiple functions.

7. Symbology in each decorative piece

The rustic coffee table, the candelabra and the table all purchased at the right time are the owners’ pride. They take you back to a time long forgotten. The chimney and the centre of the room with the art work is all about freedom.

The furniture bought during a time when it was highly valued only continues to stun! The vintage coffee table is a powerful reminder of the past.

8. Gold, silver, wood and clay

A poet once said, a large home is not just made of gold and silver, but also wood and clay – some for honour and some for the purpose

The tabletop here is a special beauty with raw and unfinished edges for a natural look. Isn’t this great looking piece?

The pictures acquired from a gallery in a village represent the talent of the individuals. The present owners must be enjoying them!

9. Floating shelves

The modular floating shelves are minimalistic and neat, making efficient use of space with grace and style. Everything looks better when the shelves of a home are simple and smart.

10. Walk on wood

This picture here is that of the entrance to a beautiful apartment with a wooden floor. We saved the best for the last!

With time, maybe we can get a better understanding of the usage of watches and candlesticks. What is behind the picture of all those desperate faces? Isn’t each piece a world in its own?

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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