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It's easy to opt for glitzy glamorous things when opting to decorate homes. Synthetic materials are more widely and cheaply available than ever before and there are affordable choices aplenty. But for a few who still prefer organic, rustic and natural materials, bamboo is an excellent choice in home furnishing. It is very flexible to work with, sturdy and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants and an ideal choice for sustainable eco-friendly living. For tropical Indian climate, bamboo works very well for a cooling effect during those long summer months. Bamboo is easily available and some imaginative designers have been able to create contemporary pieces for home design using bamboo. Here we look at some bamboo inspirations for the home.

Bamboo Pots

A little imagination and creativity can turn a drab and unused corner of the terrace or balcony into a charming little oasis of green. Bamboo sticks joined together make lovely pot holders for the plants and also for a boundary wall for a tiny garden space. Looks completely natural and ideal for the place rather than those plastic planters. Since bamboo can survive in the sun, wind, rain and dust, it is perfect for the outdoors.  Bamboo is cheap as well so this little DIY project will cost very little.

Here are some more inspirations on Bamboo For the Garden.

Bamboo Sink Anyone?

Who could imagine a sink that is anything other than ceramic or glass? This bamboo sink is beautiful, functional and most importantly checks all the boxes in the eco-friendly list. Be prepared to receive compliments from guests for this eclectic and seemingly rare bathroom fitting. The sinks fits well in all kinds of decor, be it urban, country, contemporary or traditional. It is easy to blend it it in any kind of interior decoration style due to its neutral colour and modern design. 

Bamboo crockery

This is one of the kitchenware creations by Decorum, a home furnishing company in London. This range of bamboo ware includes serving trays, bowls and serving spoons made entirely of bamboo. These can be mixed and matched with regular glass or ceramic cutlery without seeming out of place. The designs are brilliant and practical at the same time. In traditional societies, bamboo was used extensively for eating and serving. The tradition can continue today as well with even more contemporary design sensibilities.

Bamboo Wallpaper

At a first glance, this looks like a regular wall with a texture paint also called a designer wall. It may even seem like a wallpaper creation, but it is actually intricate bamboo work on the wall. Interwoven detailed bamboo lacework creates a stunning masterpiece for this room. It adds so much character to the room. Bamboo makes it very earthy and rustic. This material works very well for the hot and humid Indian climate where wallpaper may not be one of the best choices as walls tend to become moist during the heavy monsoon season. Bamboo holds very well in all climates.

Here are some more Sustainable Design Ideas.

Alluring Bamboo Furniture

Who says bamboo has to be bulky and pastoral. One look at this bamboo creation, and all pre-conceived notions will be put to rest. Bamboo is so easy to work with. The material is available widely and cheaply, however adding a designer touch and modern design sensibility, bamboo can be turned into a designer furniture piece. Colourful chairs and tables are perfect for seating both inside and outside the house.

Bamboo Dining

Bamboo chairs paired with a glass top table creates such an elegant setting in the corner of this room. So alluring and timeless, this takes inspiration from the minimalist design style. The use of bamboo does not overpower other elements around. It helps that the colour hues are neutral, so the natural colour of bamboo does not disturb the overall look of the room. It in fact accentuates it and takes the style quotient up a notch, thanks to the stylish design.

Bamboo can be used in several ways. From crockery to wall paper, to furniture and to actual building materials for the house, bamboo can be an addition well worth it. Its common to see homes in the country side make extensive use of bamboo in everyday life. Using this natural material in more innovative ways can only help revive its popularity in urban homes too.

Which idea did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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