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A Submerged House in London

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Herford Road, London Modern windows & doors by Syte Architects Modern
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Location, location, location. In our cities the most sought after houses and land allotments are always based upon its location. Being close to places of employment, public transport, amenities, culture, and other social and physical aspects of a city are important considerations that contribute to how we live our lives. In most cases the most sought after houses are within or close to the centre of the city. However, in these areas the house sizes and allotments are traditionally small, especially compared to the generous allotments available in outer areas. 

So how do you expand a home, or build a new home fitting for a lifestyle that requires more space on an allotment that is small, or when there are issues regarding the city planning restrictions? These were  just some of the issues facing Syte Architects when they were approached by their clients who had hoped to build a new London residence. Their architectural and design response was bold to say the least. 

What lies beneath?

Hertford Road - exterior Modern houses by Syte Architects Modern
Syte Architects

Hertford Road—exterior

Syte Architects

Clients of Syte Architects desired a home of generous size and openness but owned a land allotment that was heavily restrictive in their ability to do so. Facing a list of planning restrictions such as; a one storey limit, strict rules regarding overshadowing and impeding natural light, and rules concerning privacy of neighbouring properties - Syte Architecture's clients dream home looked unlikely. Or so they thought… Often at times of adversity comes the most creative and ingenious responses. Instead of building upward the solution was to build downward. 

Finding more space

Hertford Road - construction Industrial style houses by Syte Architects Industrial
Syte Architects

Hertford Road—construction

Syte Architects

During the construction phase; extensive excavation efforts were required to provide enough space so that the new home could have an entire lower level submerged underground. There was a concise effort to ensure that every inch of available space was utilised. 

Safety was also a concern. Along the borders of the property an immense amount of re-enforced concrete supports were needed to ensure that the not only the home would be structurally sound, but also so that neighbouring properties were protected during the construction process and future land use. 

The final build

Hertford Road - exterior and interior glass walkway Modern windows & doors by Syte Architects Modern
Syte Architects

Hertford Road—exterior and interior glass walkway

Syte Architects

Once construction was complete; a new home spanning over two levels was ready for the clients to move into. It's a home of contemporary edge and stands out from the traditional homes that surround it. The ground floor that is visible from the street displays a home that is based upon symmetry forming from large glazings. These large glazing are not just an architectural feature of the home, but a thoughtful design choice to ensure the home is able to capture as much natural light as possible. 

A bedroom

Hertford Road - bedroom Modern style bedroom by Syte Architects Modern
Syte Architects

Hertford Road—bedroom

Syte Architects

Finally we get to see what the home is like in the submerged level. A staircase that leads from the above glass walkway connects the two levels in a seamless and subtle fashion. The master bedroom is bright and beautiful due to an all white colour scheme that pronounces the rooms form. It's an interior that feels open and fluid thanks to its minimal appearance and limited furnishings.  

Kitchen and living

Hertford Road - kitchen interior Modern kitchen by Syte Architects Modern
Syte Architects

Hertford Road—kitchen interior

Syte Architects

In the social areas we can see how it's a space of open liveability. It feels clean and modern with no obvious indications that the house is located below the ground level.  Overall it's home that has defied the odds with architects clients now able to enjoy the London lifestyle from a different perspective, yet still having access to a superbly modern home.

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What do you think about the submerged home and would you live there? Let us know in the comments section below.
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