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Romantic Bedroom Decor—6 Amazing Ideas

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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Bedroom decor can be crucial when you want to reignite the love with your partner. Romance needs beauty and elegance around. A gorgeous bedroom with ideal lighting and colours is great mood lifter rather than a cluttered one with horrible colours that may do the opposite! From ideal colours on the wall, to fabrics that add to the aesthetics and layouts that are make the bedroom neat and tidy, incorporating some of the following tips can help make the bedroom more romantic. Easy to execute, these little changes can affect the atmosphere in the room instantly. So here are some simple ideas for romantic bedroom decor.


Declutter and tidy up the bedroom, as clutter can create bad energies. Minimalist and Scandinavian style furniture with a no nonsense layout is easy to maintain. The bedroom must be a private oasis that is warm and inviting. Stuff that does not belong there must be moved to other rooms. A sleek storage space with huge cupboards and wall shelves are perfect to store clothing and other personal items. 

Have a look for more inspiration on minimalist bedroom designs here.

Do away with gadgets

There must be no place in the bedroom for gadgets like laptops, smartphones, ipads and other smart devices. Considered to be mood killers and great distractors, these are best kept outside the bedroom. Even sleep specialists recommend keeping away from the screen atleast an hour before bedtime. So give up on the electronics and enjoy a cosy romantic gadget free time.

Flower placements

One can rarely go wrong with flowers. They are eternally related to romance so add them in a good measure for a visual treat as well as fragrance(in some cases like rose and jasmine). Fresh bright colourful flowers can instantly light up the room. Beautiful flower arrangement in vases, big or small make the bedroom look warm and inviting; probably the quickest and simplest DIY bedroom decor makeover strategy. 

Pretty Lights

Think of all things pretty and try adding then to the bedroom. Whether you have a rustic, minimalist, contemporary or traditional taste in home decor, beautiful lights can do wonders to bedroom design. From lights that can dim, to grand chandeliers, to bedside lampshades, there is immense choice in terms of styling for a romantic appeal. A world of options on lighting are available and some can be seen here.

Pillow Up

Pillows are easy to work with. Add as many with different colours and fabrics in order to make the room look pretty and inviting. Mix and match different sizes and place them on the bed for a stylish look. Contrasting pillow covers can add a touch of colour to an otherwise dull colored bedroom. Think of your favorite colours or even customise a few with your partner's name; its the little things that make a difference.

Cosy Corner

Though the bed is the mainstay of any bedroom, adding extra seating is a lovely idea. A cosy corner with a lounge sofa, a comfortable chair and a coffee table can be a place for endless chats over tea. It can be the perfect place to connect with each other after a long day at work or over the weekends. It helps if the window opens up to the outdoors giving the room a fresh look.  

The bedroom is the place for ultimate relaxation. It is meant to be your private space in the house so pamper yourself and your partner by indulging in its design that brings out a romantic touch. Minor layout changes while designing or simple decor ideas make make a world of difference. 

Which idea did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.
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