How to clean your home using only what's in your cupboard

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Cleaning your home might not be the most exciting thing you'll ever do, but there's also a bigger issue to take into account; the fact that it isn't usually very eco-friendly! 

Professional cleaners are constantly looking for ways to carry out their tasks with a more environmentally-savvy mindset and we can be doing the same, as there are a host of amazing store cupboard ingredients that you'll already have that can help you to ditch all the harmful chemicals! 

Seriously, if we told you that your kitchen could sparkle, but with none of the fumes, wouldn't you want to know how? Well, come with us now, as we're going to tell you, as well as giving you some extra tips for the rest of your home!

Lemon juice.

Lemon juice is a marvel! It's naturally antibacterial, smells great and the citric acid means that it can be used to clean a whole host of things around your home, starting with your kitchen garbage disposal unit. All you need to do is throw some ice cubes and fresh lemon slices in there, set it off and it will be clean as a whistle and smelling great in seconds!

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Pull out waste bins

Urban Myth

Lemon juice is a great way to give your bins a freshen up as well! The next time you change your liners, give the actual containers a wipe with a cloth doused in lemon juice and you'll be blown away by how fresh your kitchen smells.

How's this for a handy tip? Lemon juice is a natural polishing agent for brass and copper! It won't damage the finish but will bring murky items back to life, just with a simple wipe and a quick buff!


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Gaggenau oven steam cooker combination

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White vinegar is just as handy as lemon juice, as it is a powerful de-greasing agent! Ovens, in particular, will really respond to a white vinegar soak, so squirt some all around the inside, leave for a few minutes and then just wipe all the dirty residue away. For really tough grime, make a paste of vinegar and baking soda!

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Tiled floors can get grubby so quickly, but add some white vinegar to your water bucket and your mopping will be twice as effective. The only downside is that vinegar can smell potent, to ventilate well and think about adding a sweet-smelling essence, such as peppermint!

If there's one thing that white vinegar is great at getting rid of, it's hard water stains. A great tip is to either soak tissue paper or cloths in the vinegar and wrap them around your taps, or tie a bag of vinegar around the worst-affected items and let them soak overnight. You can even fill a squirty bottle and use vinegar to leave you with a streak-free shower screen!

Baking soda.

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Baking soda is cheap and amazingly effective as a cleaning agent. Mixed with vinegar, it forms a hard-hitting stain removal paste, but even on its own, it is fantastic! If you have a mattress that has seen better days, get all your bedding off and sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and a favourite essential oil. Leave for an hour or so, then vacuum it thoroughly. Boom! Nasty niffs are a thing of the past!

Rugs and carpets often need a good freshen up as well, and you can use the exact same technique as we suggested for your mattresses! Just sprinkle and vacuum! Even pet beds will be good as new using this idea!

Coca Cola.

We know what you're thinking and no, we haven't gone crazy, but if you have limescale in your toilet, a brilliant tip is to throw some flat cola in there, leave overnight and in the morning, you'll have a sparkling bowl! We didn't believe this was true, until we tried it!

Dryer sheets.

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Period Computer Cabinet showing storage

Style Within

Your tech screens, from computers through to televisions, will naturally attract dust, thanks to the static they create and a simple way to get rid of it is by using dryer sheets to dust with. They even help to prevent dust from building up again and leave a gorgeous aroma. You can use them on your skirting boards too!

We feel more eco-friendly already! If you are on the lookout for some extra tips that will lighten your cleaning load, take a look at this Ideabook: Clever home cleaning tips.

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