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12 pictures to combine your living room, dining room and kitchen in small homes

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Combining a living room, dining room and kitchen in one has become a popular feature of small homes. To make the home feel more spacious, the architects negate the barrier wall. As a result, we have a living room with integrated dining room and kitchen. Some people may not be comfortable if the atmosphere of the kitchen can be seen by the guests. But this kind of layout will add warmth and intimacy between family members, and between the occupants of the house with their guests.   

Here are some of our favourite designs of the living room, dining room and kitchen in one. We hope you will be inspired. 

1. The kitchen is at the front door

This design may still awkward for the people of India. The plus side, we must keep a tidy kitchen at any time and decorate it, so alluring when viewed.

2. There's plenty of space to eat together

If the table is not big enough to eat together, the rest of the guests can sit on the couch or the middle of the kitchen table.

3. The industrial style

A long kitchen table, as pictured here is ideal for those who like to cook. Nuance industrial design reflected on the concrete roof and pillars of solid wood, it feels open to everyone. 

4. The classic warmth

The classic style can be applied not only in a big houses, but in small houses too. Choose only accessories that are synonymous with that style. For example, a chandelier shaped as shown.

5. Practical and effective for newlyweds

Retro-style chairs and back-splash motif makes this room thick with the style of the 50s. The arrangement and selection of furniture should be taken into consideration to ensure that the room with the three functions is not overcrowded and functions effectively.

6. More airy with light

To make the room more spacious, flat screen television and bookshelves are hung on the wall. There are different lights in each area, and the shape is different. Light and white colors always manage to make a small room seem larger. 

7. The kitchen, dining room, living room full of color for young children

Once through the entrance area, we are greeted by the kitchen. This kind of interior style is widely used in Japanese and Korean modern apartment, not without reason. If you have a kitchen, you're more likely to cook at home and can save loads of money on eating out.  A thought that can be replicated by anyone, especially students or workers living away from the family.

8. Overlooking the green open area

There are times when the shape of the room is narrow and elongated, like this picture. For these homeowners, limited space is not a reason to reduce closeness to nature. Even a small piece of land can still be used as a green open area and sliding doors can be left open, so the fresh air and green grass can be enjoyed from inside the house.

9. One room, many functions

Besides cooking and dining together, the residents use this room as an entertainment room and library. Interesting right?

10. A safe play space for children

While cooking or doing other household activities, parents can monitor their children playing in the living room, which is just across the kitchen. Make sure children can not reach the stove or other dangerous objects in the kitchen.

11. Variations in the kitchen at the front door

This is a design that aims to maximize the function of the existing space without leaving out the aesthetic aspect. Floodlights make the room look bright and they serve as a simple decoration that adorn the room.

11. The living room without a sofa

Guess where the living room in this picture is?  It's the wooden platform that's on a higher level, perfect for relaxing and watching television while lying down. No need to fear the cold because of the wooden floors are warm and absorbs heat. 

12. Wardrobe and bookshelf

One way to save space is to maximize storage space. Pictured here we can see that the closet near the kitchen also serves as a bookshelf. A smart solution that is very effective. 

We hope you've discovered some design ideas suitable for your home. For more inspiration, have a look at Mexican style interior design ideas.

Which interior design did you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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