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5 Vastu tips for your kitchen

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Following simple Vastu Shastra rules is one of the easiest ways to incorporate positivity into your house. Apart from good vibes, this ancient science of architecture is also known for providing prosperity and luck. Although there are many Vastu rules for every room of the house but if you are specifically looking to transform your kitchen keeping Vastu Shastra in mind then here are 5 tricks that you can use.

1. Separating elements

One of the main beliefs of Vastu Shastra is that elements like fire and water should always be kept separate. As you see in the picture the burner and the sink have been placed away from each other by the designer, so that these natural elements do not conflict. This is done to avoid misunderstanding and family disputes. All elements that store water like a refrigerator, washing machine, and a dishwasher should be kept on the opposite side of the burner.

2. Gas burner location

Another trick that you can use while transforming your kitchen is the location of your gas burner. According to Vastu Shastra the stove should always be placed right in front of the kitchen entrance so that it is easily visible. Placing your stove in a dead corner can be considered as a barrier for positive energy. This can affect the mental health of the family members in the longer run.

3. Fresh flowers and fruits

Incorporating fresh flowers and fruits in your kitchen can give house the instant positive vibes that it needs. Fresh flowers are one of the main elements that uplift the entire ambience of a place, and by combining them with fruits you will be able to maximize their effect. This trick allows you to introduce prosperity into your house and family.

4. Well organised

We all know that having a well-organised kitchen is one of the best ways to transform the look of the room. Along with this Vastu Shastra also promotes a well-organised kitchen as it is a symbol of positive energy. It is said that the kitchen counters should always be kept clean after you finish your meal and the crockery should be tucked away neatly in cabinets. Apart from this, you should also avoid keeping cutting tools like knives and scissors lying around on the counter.

5. Bright colours

Colour is one of the most important elements of Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu using bright colours in your kitchen can be a perfect way to incorporate cheerfulness into your family life. One of the ideal colours to use in your kitchen is yellow as it is considered good for digestion and is also a natural tone. 

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