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Home is where the heart is. This saying applies to everyone, whether they live in a family home or not. However, when you have a family, your family is your heart, the love of your life, and your home. The home we are about to take a tour of is designed for an Indian family in Mumbai. Neutral colours make the home modern, while splashes of colour here and there liven it up and give it an Indian touch. You will find unique colour combinations and great ideas on how to add colour to your home through this tour. This lovely family home is designed by Kunal & Associates, interior architects based in Mumbai.

Let's browse through some pictures of this beautiful home shall we?

Golden family living

The family living room radiates with a warm glow and a golden touch with its elegant wallpaper, fake ceiling, and lighting. The two seater sofa sets also have a touch of shimmer to them, while the neutral colours are off-set by the rich, red colour of the cushions and the carpet. Browse through living room designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration.

Entertainment for the family

The TV area pictured here is simple and modern with white and wood to compliment its look. The all white colour we see here gives the space a clean and fresh look. We especially love the climbing shelves reminiscent of a staircase. It even has lights to jazz it up a bit.  Next, let's have a look at the children's bedroom for two.

Children's bedroom in blue for two

Pictured here, we see a children's bedroom in light blue and muted navy blue with two single size beds. The walls are a light blue, creating a calming mood which is a great idea for a children's bedroom. An overly colourful children's bedroom can be too visually stimulating, and not the best place to try and go to sleep. Even the outlines of the ceiling are painted in blue with bedding to match too.

The colourful mural on the wall adds a splash of color to the bedroom, while the wooden borders on the wall neutralize it and also creates a shelf space. The lighting is white and bright, creating a spacious room. 

Olive green bedroom

This bedroom in olive green with hints of red creates the perfect color combination for a relaxing yet sexy bedroom. Green is a soothing colour and red is a warm colour that reminds us of red roses and love. The shelf under the TV also has a green top and the poster behind it is red. 

This bedroom has hit the spot when it comes to a lovely colour combination and also when it comes to using textures.The silky material used for the bedding and the blinds is soft and smooth to the touch reminiscent of warm feelings and everything nice. 

A bedroom lit in shades of purple

Lighting can make a lot of difference in a bedroom. In this bedroom, we see a bluish purplish light being utilised to light up certain parts of the room and also create a certain chilled out mood and ambiance. The otherwise white and black room gets some colour through the lighting. 

One similarity between this bedroom and the bedroom we saw before is the blinds made out of fabric. We think this is both unique and fashionable, and a great alternative to curtains because curtains can come off as being too feminine while regular blinds lack softness.The printed fabric blinds used in this bedroom are the perfect combination of both masculine and feminine. 

A living room in grey and green

Another great colour combination is grey and green, which has been used really artistically in this living room. While the curtains and some of the furniture is grey, hints of a muted green and dirty green have been used on an accent wall and furniture. The accent wall brings attention to itself as it actually creates a shelf in the wall painted green, and with lights to highlight the decorations. 

We hope you have enjoyed this tour of a lovely family home in Mumbai. For more ideas and inspiration, have a look at a home with an Indian touch

What did you like most about this tour? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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