6 Fireplace Ideas For A Modern Home

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The fireplace is one of the most prominent and desired elements of homes since a long time. It does not
only add to the aesthetic appeal of the room, it also adds value to the house. However, just wanting a fireplace is not enough. Whether a new fireplace is added in the room or the existing fireplace is remodeled, there are a number of things that should be kept in mind. The placement of the fireplace in the room is an important consideration. The fireplace is the focal point of any room. Placing it directly opposite to the main entrance of the room highlights the importance of fireplace as a focal point of the room. Apart from that, style, installation methods and budget are also important considerations. Here are some of the fireplaces ideas to enhance the look of any room.

Precast Concrete Fireplaces

Precast concrete is an ideal material for the fireplaces in modern houses. The precast concrete can
be used simply as a fireplace mantel or as the fireplace surround. A precast concrete fireplace can also run down from the ceiling to the floor to give an aesthetic look and remarkable focal point to any room. Apart from giving a classy and chic look, precast concrete material is also a durable option. A fireplace built with precast concrete can even outlive the house. Moreover, cleaning and maintaining a precast concrete fireplace is also pretty easy. A precast concrete fireplace is a great way to add the warmth and elegance to the ambiance of any modern house. Fireplaces are the focal point of any modern house and enhance its value. The placement of the fireplace is of incredible importance to emphasize its significance in the room. The fireplaces ideas for choosing the right surround and mantel material, as per the style of the room is equally imperative.

Marble Fireplaces

A typical modern house will not feel complete without a striking marble fireplace. A marble fireplace can
blend easily with both traditional and contemporary style. A marble fireplace can add elegance and splendour to any room. Having a sleek marble fireplace in a modern room is one of the many marble fireplace design ideas. In a modern room, having a sleek marble fireplace, gives a clean and spacious look to the room, while adding to its grandeur.  The fireplace can also be included in the wall. In a modern style room, a contemporary art work can be added on the mantle of the marble fireplace to enhance the overall look and emphasizing the focal point. The shine of the marble gives a fascinating look to the room. Plush cushions, soft and comfortable rugs, leather furniture combined with the marble fireplace can glam up any room.

Brick Fireplaces

Many fireplaces ideas are now built around the brick fireplaces. Brick fireplaces are becoming
attractive options for a modern house. The brick fireplace gives a classy and sophisticated look that can match almost every kind of home décor and style. Brick fireplaces will also last for a long time to come. The best benefit of using a brick fireplace is that different colour bricks can be chosen, giving a unique and chic look to the room. Apart from that, the designs options are numerous to choose from. From traditional bricks to the fancier ones, there are so many options to select, to ensure that the brick fireplace becomes the main attraction in the room. To add to the various benefits, bricks fireplaces can be repainted to match the mood and style of the room and the people.

Wood Mantel

Wood mantel on a fireplace gives a formal and traditional look to the room.  A rustic wood mantel and surround can give a charm to the room. Adding lanterns and candles will make the room more magical. In today’s stylish houses, the formal wood surround fireplaces are becoming more widespread. However, both selecting the wood finish and maintaining the wood surround, requires a bit of practicality and efforts. Not all type of woods can be used for fireplace mantle and surround. The cheaper options will not be able to endure the heat from the fireplace. On the other hand, expensive options like rosewood can be durable and best type of wood for a fireplace mantel.

Stone Fireplaces

Stone is also included in many fireplaces ideas for style and durability. Stones are one of the most
popular materials used for fireplace surrounds. With no two stones looking identical, fireplaces made of sculpted stones can add to the uniqueness and exquisiteness of any room in the house. Natural stones are very popular choice when it comes to fireplace finish. Some of the synthetic stones also offer classy finish to the fireplace. The stone surround of a fireplace gives a very modern and urban look to it. For a more modern and fashionable look, the stone surround can run from the ceiling of the room to the floor. Different textures can give the desired look to the stone surround of the fireplace.

Sandstone Fireplaces

Sandstone is one of the most popular choices for a fireplace. It not only enhances the beauty and style
of a room, but it is also very convenient to install. Sandstone is very light in weight, which makes the installation easier. Apart from that, sandstone has a neutral look. This makes it easier to blend and harmonise it with different types of room setting and styles. Beautifully structured sandstone, sculpted in to a classy and elegant fireplace can serve as a great centerpiece for any room of the house. A sandstone fireplace gives a timeless and majestic beauty to the room. A fireplace can be created by carving, polishing and chipping the sandstone. Each of these methods end in different texture and finish to the fireplace.

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