15 pictures to use stone in your house

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In latest trend in interior design are stone walls with white coating that brings an earthy charm to the room and also keeps interiors cool. As stone is a natural material which can be obtained in both rustic and polished forms with pieces in size and format to fit into different creations be it exterior or interior walls. Stones are now available as bricks in smooth and polished formats with multiple textures, colors and tones making it hard for decorator to select the right one. 

In this Ideabook we bring you 15 examples of artful interior architecture designed from different types of stones that are located across the house from the living area to bathroom that can be adopted as desired to make your interiors beautiful.

1. Stony piece of art

The entire wall and fireplace has been designed with stones of different textures to create visual differences between the creations. While the the wall behind the television has a certain texture with pleasant decorative motif, the region around the fireplace is of a different type altogether. The neutral color wall color and enchanting wild life carving blends perfectly with  rest of the furniture and adds to the interior decor of the charming living room.

2. Rustic touches

The open floor design of this house including the kitchen, dining room and living area has wall created with blocks of stone that are rustic and in neutral color. To maintain the ambience created by stones the furniture is also simple and unifies the entire region in partnership with solid wooden floor.  Though the rustic kitchen floor has pretty tiles to signify breakup of the region from the rest the room, the stone surrounding is the main protagonist of this decoration.

3. White textured wall

The region is dominated by a prominent white stone wall with simple texture in it to work as a fitting background for the red armchair and elegant chandelier. The furniture and the wooden floor, are only seen as extras facing the bright wall that serves as a backup to this space.

4. Stylish dining area

The transparent glass table and elegant violet chairs add glamor to the dining area dominated by a classic stone wall decorated with patterns made of rectangular stone chips.  This stone wall placed in the vertical direction of the room increases its virtual depth making it seem deeper and longer. The table centerpiece created with a bright orange tub and violet orchid flowers adds to the color and beauty of the room. 

5. Combination of twin stone finishes

A modern living room with long L shaped sofa in white dominates the region in this decoration made up of neutral colors. Though the white sofa looks charming with cushions in cream and brown the decor would not have the existing dramatic effect if the region did not have the stone background wall and columns with rich texture.

6. Stone daddoo effect

The stone applied in this region has been designed out of chips carved in a certain form to achieve the diamond effect so that when it is set on the wall it adopts geometric structure like finish. The room walls have been placed in different dimensions to allow the lighting placed between them to filter through and accentuate the wall finishes and its shadows.

7. Stone bricks from floor to ceiling

Skylight and chandelier combine to enhance the grandeur of this living room with ceiling stretching upwards to the roof that is supported by a tall stone wall made out of bricks of stone. The lighting comprising of sunlight and tiny chandelier lights like a flower bouquet make the region glow as the walls and furniture are of neutral hue.

8. Bookshelf behind the bed

In this cozy bedroom, the region behind the bed plays an important role in the entire layout as it adds character with a neutral stone wall fitted with wooden shelves. The practical design is particular savvy as it can be used to stack books or any other essentials that the couple need during the night.

9. Textured bathroom wall

The rusticity of the stone wall next to the bathtub, extends to the shower region that is visible as the frosted glass cube beside the tub creating an unusual setting. The entire creation is an excellent combination of rough with the smooth in the mixture of colors, materials and shades, from floor to ceiling.

10. For industrial style setting

It is interesting to see how this sink stand and the base of the toilet were designed on the neutral wood floor without any varnish. The stone wall is the unique touch in this bathroom, where the black color manifests as chief details in the region.

11. Stone blocks

When an entire wall is covered with stone blocks, the location automatically develops character in comparison with other brick and mortar walls in the house. But then unpainted stone walls can become boring if it does not have any design details so the decorators have created a covered fireplace within the wall to suit the ambience of the living room. 

12. Glamor of uncut stones

This minimalist combination of corridor, staircase and living room is defined with a classic rusticity in the wall covered with uncut stones in their natural chalk white form. This large living room has visual space and width as it has large glass windows opening into the garden filling the room with natural light at all hours of the day. 

13. Imposing entrance

To maintain similarity in design between the wall and the entrance door, the proportion of the stones on the wall is the same as glass pieces on the door. The large cherry red door enhances the simple stone tiled floor and wall decorated with stones pieces from the local river. 

14. Curved pillar decked in stone

Stone has a great way of making a simple wall look riveting and here the curved corridor wall has stone finish in its most rustic form, but its texture and form, magnifies the elegance of the creation.

15. Stone wall divider

The stone wall here separates the corridor from the living room its neutral and matt colors making an excellent contrast against the   bright floor. It is a modern environment that is complemented by the water mirror, under the stairs and the wooden floor, between the rooms.

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