9 pictures of living rooms furnished with old sofas

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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So, your living room sofa has gone old and you are thinking of buying a new one, but you are not ready to spend that much on a brand new sofa. Well, fear not because we have got the perfect ideas to reuse your sofa and make it look new and different.

Here are 9 ideas to renew your sofa that you much use

1. Choose the oldest sofa to renew

We all have that one sofa in our house that we absolutely don't use anymore and if you are trying to refurbish a sofa for the first time, it is better to start with that.

2. Upholstery makes all the difference

The mould and base of every sofa is the most sturdy part, usual that gives up first is the outer fabric. By changing the upholstery of the sofa, you can completely change its look. For instance, the floral fabric in the sofas here brighten up the whole space.

3. Combine bold prints and fabrics

This is your DIY project and you shouldn't be afraid to take some risks. Combine different fabrics together and patterns as well. All you have to do is make sure that it goes with the decor of your living room.

4. Refurbish folding chairs

Folding chairs are always a great way to add extra seating around the living room. If you have some old folding chairs in your house, start by checking if their structure is still alright and then just change the fabric 

5. Broad strips

Some of you might think that stripe patterns are out of style, but the truth is that they still look as beautiful as ever. The designer of it this living room has used broad stripes to cover the sofa so that it stands out from the rest of the furniture.

6. White upholstery

If you are looking for a sofa set that is modern then using plain white upholstery can be ideal. This will not only make the place look clean but it also goes well with the rest of the colour scheme of your living room.

7. Create several linings

If you have an apartment, then the best way to defeat humidity is by creating linings over your sofa which will also make it easy for you to change the fabric.

8. Combine new and old furniture

One of the final steps is to find a way to combine your new furniture with your old designer and newly refurbished sofa. You can use contrasting colours for cushion covers so that they highlight the furniture well.

9. Golden upholstery

If you have a living room that displays a rustic charm then using golden or brown upholstery is highly recommended. Due to these colours being included in natural tones, they go well with wood and traditional living room designs.

Check out our ideabooks for more living room designs. 

Are you ready to renew your old sofas?

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