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11 tips to beautify your home for less than 500 rupees

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Have you ever been to a discount score and been amazed at how cheap, unique and interesting some of the stuff is? If you thought that beautifying your home costs a lot of money, think again! Often, we see professional interior designers using simple things to enhance the décor of a house or to keep it more organized.

In this ideabook, we present 11 tips for beautifying your house with a budget of less than five hundred rupees. Take a look, and be amazed!

1. Find value in coffee filter paper

Miele CM7300 Coffee Machine Hehku KitchenElectronics

Miele CM7300 Coffee Machine


Buy a packet of coffee filter paper from a discount store and think of inventive ways to use them. Among the things that you can use them for is to create dividers in drawers. The advantage of these papers is that you can replace them whenever they are dirty. You can also place them between expensive dishes to keep them free from scratches.

2. Use a plastic basket as a desk organizer

Chest of drawers IMARI e15 Modern style bedroom

Chest of drawers IMARI


You’ll find tiny baskets in a range of colours in any discount store. Often, they fit perfectly into a drawer and can be used for placing small items to keep the drawers more organized. You’ll no longer have messy or cluttered drawers as everything will be neatly stored. Your guests will be amazed by your ability to keep everything organized.

3. Add anti-slip paper to your kitchen tools

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Wild Flower Utensil Set

bojje ltd

Anti-slip paper is a handy tool that you can stick on the end of your kitchen furniture and accessories to keep them from sliding out or falling. Use them at the bottom on your spatulas so that they stay upright when stored. You can also use them to stick up posters or pictures to beautify the area.

4. Glue together a few coloured glass jars to keep a table top more organized

While you won’t find fancy, luxury brand glass jars at discount stores, you are sure to find small and colourful ones. Glue them together to create a unique desktop organizer that is perfect for storing pens and pencils.

5. Spray paint can add style to any pot

Tunisia Made Vases and jars Hend Krichen KitchenAccessories & textiles
Hend Krichen

Tunisia Made Vases and jars

Hend Krichen

You’ll find a range of cheap vases and pots in a discount store. Pick up a few and have fun spray painting them to create a stylish accessory. You can try this on potted plants, accessories and kitchen pots. Doesn’t it look beautiful in this image?

6. Paste decorative stones on a mirror to give it a classy effect

You’ll find glass stones at discount stores, which can be used to decorate bottles. You can do so much with it! For example, stick glass stones along the outer edge of a mirror to bring a new and luxurious look to it.

7. Use needles and pins to create a vintage look

Birley Brown Leather Chesterfield Sofa Modish Living Living roomSofas & armchairs Leather Brown
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Birley Brown Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Modish Living

This is another great idea! You may not want to try it on an expensive new sofa, but stitching buttons or using brass pins to stud the outer edge of the arms can transform an old sofa.

8. Organize small items or toys in a plastic container

Activity Table & Toy Organiser CONSTRUCTION CENTRE Finoak LTD Nursery/kid's roomDesks & chairs
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Activity Table & Toy Organiser CONSTRUCTION CENTRE

Finoak LTD

Tupperware or similar storage containers can be found in large quantities in discount stores. It may not go with your designer kitchen, but is a good option for sorting small items such as keys, sewing kit, etc. It’s ideal for saving all those Lego pieces from your child’s toy collection, making playtime more fun as everything is easy to find.

9. Use plastic cutlery drawers to organize small items

Solid cutlery trays homify Country style kitchen

Solid cutlery trays


Place a plastic cutlery organizer in a drawer to keep it organized. These organizers can also be used in your children’s desk drawers to sort pens, pencils, crayons and markers.

10. Use washable placemats in your fridge

Placemat Ainhoa Sunset Créations Jean-Vier KitchenAccessories & textiles
Créations Jean-Vier

Placemat Ainhoa Sunset

Créations Jean-Vier

If you find plastic mats at the discount store, use them as a base on your refrigerator shelves. This will make your refrigerator easier to clean and present a beautiful element when you open the refrigerator.

11. Create art using old stuff

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Tropical flowers

Katy Leigh

If you have old accessories such as plates that you are planning to discard, try to get creative by painting them to create a unique piece of art. Bake them at a low temperature to finish and use them as wall hangings.

For more budget décor tips see 11 low-budget home décor ideas that make your house look expensive.

Which of these ideas are you going to try at home? Let us know in the comments.
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