10 amazing storage ideas for small bathrooms

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Most of us do not have the luxury of having big bathrooms in our house due to the lack of space. We often prefer giving more importance to other rooms in the house rather than our bathrooms. If you too are facing a similar situation where you want to incorporate enough storage in your small bathroom then here are 10 amazing ideas that you must consider.

1. Wall cabinet

By building a floor to ceiling wall cabinet like this you will be able to incorporate different levels of storage in your bathroom. These cabinets can either be used for decoration purposes or for storing linens.

2. In-built shelf

If you are still on the construction stage of your bathroom then incorporating a built-in shelf like this can also be a great idea. These shelves are the best way to save space in your bathroom and yet have proper storage options.

3. Open shelf's

Another great way to introduce storage space in your bathroom is by adding similar looking open shelves. These shelves can be placed anywhere in the bathroom and they require little to none space.

4. Under-mount vanity

Almost every bathroom has a vanity within and using the space available under the vanity as storage can be an excellent idea. You can either convert the entire space into open shelves or into a combination of cabinet and shelves as per your requirement.

5. Storage units

Most of us do not realise the space that we waste under our sinks. This space can be used for placing a storage unit or a shoe rack for utilising it to the fullest. You can also add a chest of drawers below your sink to store all your essentials.

6. Custom storage

It is not always important that you have to buy readily available storage units. If you have a bathroom that has unusual dimensions then creating a custom storage space for yourself is also highly recommended. You can either create a wall of open shelving like the designer has made for this bathroom or a closed counter top cupboard.

7. In-built open cupboard

If you have dead corners in your bathrooms that cannot be utilised for anything else then building a similar looking open cupboard is worth a shot. These cupboards can fit into almost any space available and can be customised depending on the items you plan to store.

8. Corner cabinet

If you want to blend the entire interior of your bathroom together then constructing inbuilt corner cabinets like this is advised. Such cabinets can easily be concealed by placing a mirror door in front making it invisible to others.

9. Medicine cabinet

If you are looking to build a cabinet that can be used for storing your medicine or cosmetics then these small square shaped layouts are perfect. You can also construct adjustable shelves so that you can alter the size as and when you need.

10. Designer shelves

We all have different layouts in a bathroom. Some of us might prefer tubs and the others like showers. So if you to have a shower cubicle in your bathroom then these designer corner shelves are the right choice for you. These shelves can be used to store your soaps and shampoos so that they are within reach.

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