10 ideas to separate space in your home with interior walls | homify he 10 commandments of having a wall in the interiors of your home

10 ideas to separate space in your home with interior walls

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Like everything else, the interior decoration of a space also needs to go by certain rules and guidelines. Behind every need to create space, there is an intention of creating interiors that are about creating certain change or transformations achieve better usage of space and to create a better looking interior.

Here we give you 10 fantastic ideas that would make you achieve success when it comes to using walls to separate your interior space into various sections. So if you have a fancy wall in your mind, then these ideas are perfect. Come, let’s take a look at the 10 commandments for beautiful looking interiors!

1. What kind of wall does your room want?

Another basic rule of having a wall is to study the room extensively to find the ideal spot for the wall. We mean, think carefully whether you want a connection between the two rooms visually or in passing.

2. Half a wall

By setting up a wall between space, you get privacy, but also limit ventilation with a solid barrier. You have to be careful with how much light and air you are permitting into the new room.

A simple way to get the ideal inner wall would be to construct walls that reach the ends laterally or the ceiling to permit just the right amount of ventilation. This wall is just right for this space.

3. Walls with lights

The biggest challenge of employing a wall is that the neighbouring spaces of the wall are immediately dark with the wall obstructing your source of light.

But you don’t have to give up on your want to have an interior wall because of this. Instead, employ another light at the base of the wall to light up the environment!

4. A unique wall

There is always a misconception that when placing a wall in the middle of the room, it should match the rest of the interiors. This wrong idea makes it strenuous to create a perfect wall that will blend with the room.

We want you to forget the old rules and introduce yourself to the idea to have a fabulous wall that looks different from the rest and can be the centrepiece of the room instead. It is functional and beautiful!

5. Walls with more than one purpose

You also have to think beyond just the regular roles of a wall when there is one already in place. Look at this beautiful wall that not only separates but also functions as an efficient fireplace to be shared by more than just one room. It is also textured to look different and it does so beautifully!

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

6. Small is good

It is not always necessary to have a huge wall to separate the interiors of a home. In many instances, it is enough to have a flank to get the desired result.

What we mean is that small walls can be great too when used strategically. Here is a beautiful design with a thin wall between a large space at the centre to create two rooms without a huge obstacle in between.

7. Walls in corners

Walls could occupy a lot of pace and that is one concern a lot of people have. But placing a wall in such a way that it occupies a corner of the room can be helpful. You place your furniture accordingly without wasting any more space in the room.

8. Match your interiors

A new addition to the home should not be an eye sore. A wall if wrongly decorated, can be very difficult to blend into the rest of your home. If your home already has a homogeneity to it, then we urge you to decorate the wall to look like the rest of the home. From wallpaper to texture to paint, the wall should blend for uniformity throughout in such cases.

Checkout 6 wallpaper designs for every budget here.

9. Niche in the wall

We have been talking about having walls that are solid barriers regardless of the place of installation. This makes it difficult to connect with various parts of the house. To make your walls less solid, you can install niches. Niches are small holes or compartments you create on the walls so your separated rooms can still stay connected in a stylish way!

10. There are no rules!

We about to conclude, but before signing off, we need to discuss one important factor—the height and thickness of walls. Luckily, there are no standard measures to make your walls work, they are simply accessories that your home may need for privacy or for decoration.

That being said, we wish you all the best in your quest to have a beautiful wall in your home. Play by these rules and you could be a winner for sure!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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