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A marvel of modernity and luxury

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Today, let's take a tour of an incredible villa in California with a unique design and splendid views. The huge bungalow is divided into parts with a pool in the middle and a bridge connecting the two parts of the house together. The fantastic thing about this house is that almost every room in the house including the bathroom gets to enjoy the amazing views. This beautiful house is designed by McClean Design, architects based in USA and the United Kingdom.  Let's browse through these pictures, and see what the Californian home has in store for us. We hope you will be inspired by this beautiful creation. 

Split view

Although it is the same bungalow split into two, the two parts of the house look different from each other even from the exteriors alone. One part of the house is more box shaped, while the other part of the house has a curvy angle and seems to be sitting on the edge of a cliff. Pictured here, you can also see the bridge that connects both the houses. Next, let's have a look at the exteriors from another angle. 

Edgy design

By night, this is how the house looks like, illuminated with track lights and a glowing pool perfect for floating around and looking at the star studded sky. Here we can have a closer look at the edgy design of this bungalow which from the shape and the angle actually looks like it's sitting on the edge of a cliff. However, other than being edgy in a literal sense, the house is also edgy in a fashionable, trendy way. 

Water and fire

On the other side of the exteriors of this house, we see a connecting patio with elements of water and fire. The elongated design of this house is enhanced by its water features and it's long pool.The water element gives the home a calm feel, while the fire element gives it a cosy feel. The combination of both the water and fire harmonises the house in a surreal sense, giving it a magical, wholesome ambiance. 

Balcony filled with glamour

Now we see what the view looks like from the glamorous balcony  from one part of the house. This is what we call the glamorous balcony because of its size, design, and view. There's even a wooden artistic sculpture that is nicely lighted up. At night, all the hundreds of lights and lives of people in the city come alive, and you get to sit on the balcony and wonder about life and everything else under the sky with a stimulating view. Next, let's take a look at the inside of this house.

A bathroom with a view

With a bathroom like this, you're going to want to soak in the bathtub longer than before. The bathroom has a long sink area which has two sinks, and a sauna room too. The abundance of natural light in this bathroom also makes it brighter than it already is, creating a refreshing place to get rejuvenated. Browse through bathroom designs here on homify for more ideas and inspiration.

The infinity bedroom

From this angle, it looks like the bedroom has no barriers as you can't see the balcony railings, but this is because they are made of glass. Hence, we call it the infinity bedroom as it looks like it could go on forever. This bedroom is also as dreamy as it could be, and we can imagine counting lights instead of sheep, which makes more sense since we hardly have sheep in our modern day to day lives. 

A chic living room

This chic living room is mostly dressed in white and is no exception from the splendid views of the city. The fireplace makes this living space cozy, while natural elements such as plants and wood give the space a laid-back, casual feel. We hope you've enjoyed the tour of this lovely home. For more ideas and inspiration, have a look at an earthy Indian farm residence

What did you like most about this house? Let us know in the comments section below. 
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