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16 Bedroom improvement ideas that are simply genius!!

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Sometimes just changing bed linen and few decorative elements of the bedroom is not enough and the mind yearns for more drastic changes. While this could be limited to size of budget there are both DIY ideas and redecoration plans that require the help of a professional decorator to redesign the bedroom. Our experts have shared their expertise with us that can be implemented to make interesting changes in your bedroom. These simple ideas can be adopted along with additional changes to refresh your space without the need for expensive investment.

1. The beauty of textiles and natural materials

Small features in bed linen like addition of cushions and new headrest can make decisive changes in the character of the bedroom. Just look at this eclectic example to understand wherein cushions simply placed on the bed become a point of attraction in a strategic manner.

2. Vintage furniture

When the bedroom is large with space available for extra furniture then using vintage furniture will bring a touch of classic elegance to the room. The refurbished dresser and old bed have been given a fresh lease of life here as the former is used as a dressing table with a decorative mirror above it while the latter is a settee that can become extra bed if a guest decides to stay back for the night. The bundle of cushions makes this bed a sofa during the day and sleeping area at night.

3. Self-designed cushioned headboard

Notice this smart headboard design? The chesterfield design that was once common in sofas and settees can now be used for giving stylish twist to the bed headboard. The simple bed with blankets, pillows and mattress becomes a furniture item of luxury when fitted with a chesterfield headboard that comfortably supports the back and head when you want to sit up and read books or watch television from the comfort of the bed.

4. Organization for an elegant room

The trick of creating varied levels of depth in the bedroom like here increases the optical length of the region making it look longer and wider than its actual size.

5. Minimalist elegance

The truth of the avant-garde saying: less is more, is nowhere more evident than in this minimalist bedroom. Combination of simple wallpaper, nude clock, bedside table and mirror beside the bed keep the bedroom clutter free from clashing patterns and furniture turning it into a region of peace and quiet.

6. Background dominated by wildlife

If you like greenery and the sheer magnificence of large trees with thick foliage then this wallpaper will bring the environment close to you. Filled with leaves of different colors according to changing seasons this wallpaper next to the bed can bring a magical transformation to the drabbest of bedrooms turning them into soothing regions of rest.

7. Cave style bedroom

If the bedroom has a niche region like this arched nook then it can help to create a cozy region for the bed area. These designs can also be custom built if the same is structurally viable to give a unique twist to the bedroom region. Advice of experienced interior decorators would be required to make changes like these.

8. Taste of Asian mysticism

The Asian style with its aura of mysticism is a vanguard that cannot go wrong within the confines of a bedroom. Its characteristics of warm and colorful motifs with pictures of mythical creatures is ideal for an earthy bedroom.

9. Expensive curtains instead of doors

The option of separating parts of large bedroom with curtains instead of doors to  create wardrobes and other storage areas achieves perfection when it is done with luxury curtains that add to the region's beauty. In this simple bedroom with brick and wood interiors, the glossy curtains that separate the walk-in dressing area from rest of the room.

10. Curtains around the bed

This is another style adopted from classic era of canopies that has heavy drapes around the bed to give it a romantic aura. All you will need for this decoration is chiffon or silk curtains around the bed that creates romantic atmosphere in the room akin to scene of the Arabian Nights.

11. Privacy around the bed

Here is another way to create a very private region around the bed with sliding doors instead of curtains. The doors when closed create an air of exclusivity that is exciting whether you are a child or an adult.

12. Brick wall

Bring an air of rustic charm into the region with plaster free brick walls like here and pair it up with wooden flooring to create perfect ambience of rustic bedroom

13. A very personal inscription

For a touch of originality why not use a personal message on the wall ? Decorate a quirky phrase with which you identify yourself or  your relationship with colorful flowers or stars. Possibilities are immense and the results phenomenal: you will revel in the thought of contributing to the beauty of your bedroom.

14. Stay close to your passion

A book-lover's home is obvious for the number of different titles that are lined along the display shelves usually located in the living room or den. If you too have a fascination for books then make the practical choice of keeping them close to you like this bookshelf built along the bed that will keep favorite titles close to be enjoyed on days when sleep is far away from the mind.

15. Individualist tastes

As a single individual enjoying the pleasures of a spacious bedroom everything has to resonate your personal tastes and preferences. Single unique pieces like this table, wall decor and trunk are unique pieces that make up the individual.

16. Absolute comfort

When decorating the bedroom never forget that the chief aim of this section of the house is to soothe and comfort by providing blissful ambience. If the region is being decorated for a couple it has to strengthen the feeling of love and togetherness so the decor should be appropriate to encourage those feelings. 

Here are few more Smart ideas to make your bedroom cosier !

Which bedroom decoration did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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