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Six exclusive dining table designs full of surprise

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Most happy family moments are around mealtimes when friends and family gather to share jokes, old memories, and create more memories for the future. Dining tables are should be purchased keeping in mind the needs of the family and social gatherings with family and friends that are likely to held on the table from time to time. For large joint families, dining rooms in close proximity to the kitchen are the heart of a home showcasing their wealth with heavy drapery and expensive wooden furniture.

Always keep the colour palette in mind and design of your dining area when purchasing a dining table so that it does not overwhelm other components in the area nor restrict movement of people. Though families generally prefer to have wooden dining table for its durability and elegant appearance, now there are several other options like metal, plastic and glass.

Glass top

How many times have you worried about finding appropriate places for guests to eat during large family gatherings? Wouldn’t it be great if your dining table could magically become small when few people are at home and large when there are plenty of guests? With this beautiful example we   bring before you an innovative creation of our furniture designers that have created a glass topped table with teak bottoms fixed with aluminum sliders.

These wooden planks slide under the glass surface and table becomes almost square in size when not required and then becomes long and rectangular when these planks are pulled out. Delicately balanced on elegant wood planks at the center it brings sophistication and style to the area decorated with trendy industrial style chandelier. While the table is simplicity in itself with rectangular glass top above rich brown mahogany below it, the matching white chairs add class and angles to the unquestionable sophistication of the room.

Interested in exploring a few more interesting table designs like these, then refer to this idea book.

Pretty Curves

Buying the right dining table for a small room that has a single entry and exit is not an easy job as it has to fulfill twin functions. One is to find the a table that meets needs of family and another is to ensure that it does not take up unnecessary space in the area. This artistic table is portable and can easily be detached and setup as per requirements where there are multiple guests around.  Built in eclectic style with fine quality mahogany wood clipped together in geometric shapes this table is sure to win admiring comments from guests. Its most unique feature is the star at its center that seems like a wooden cutout that is created by unique shapes of wood pieces that make up the entire table. This unique table's legs also do not follow the traditional four to six legs pattern that is common in most dining tables as each wooden piece is supported by a white wooden stand or leg.

Rustic leaf shape

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Acacia/Teak Furniture

Mango Crafts

If you are the kind that likes to have unusual things around the house and get compliments from guests then this lotus leaf shaped dining table should become a part of your collection. The casual yet elegant design of this rustic table allows it to be used as a free standing dining area against the wall or as a part of outdoor barbecue party. Designed by Mango Crafts the entire table has been made out of a single tree trunk to retain the unique coloring in the center and sides. Each piece has been cut out and stuck together in such a manner that they appear like several lotus leaves floating together on a pond. 

The table has not been given the usual veneer finish that is meant for unpainted furniture to bring out the rich shades and colors. This beauty should not be covered with a table cloth as that would spoil the effect but instead if it has a clear transparent glass top then you can enjoy the colors while keeping out the rough edges.

Unique oval

American Black Walnut Dining Table and Chairs designed and made by Tim Wood Tim Wood Limited Dining roomTables Wood
Tim Wood Limited

American Black Walnut Dining Table and Chairs designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

Designed from native American black walnut, this classic oval table oozes class and aesthetic appeal. While the top counter is  made of wood, the support below is made of metal and encased in walnut to maintain that unique shape.  The attractive shape and structure of this dining table with rich veneer finish makes it a must have for every modern home that can afford it. Its color and design deserve a room that is elegant and also an attractive set of chairs that is as sophisticated as the table.  

The rich wood touch featuring a simplistic vase of flowers brings a “wow factor” into the dining room and will earn you gushing compliments from dinner guests if accompanied by dining chairs with similar design and finish. The specialty of this fantastic dining table is its ability to maintain functionality for which it has been created as it has been created for rough and delicate use.

Carved Glory

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Mango Crafts

The Elephant Table

Mango Crafts

A stately carved table of this stature deserves a beautiful room that is worthy of its grandeur. Placed on two powerful wooden elephants the table is an epitome of class and style with exquisitely carved elephants on the rim. The beautifully polished top is crafted from a single plank of wood and showcases fine grains with on the elegant curved surface. Its base is a breathtaking piece of art that can be placed as a single pieces of wood sculpture in any part of the house when the table is not being used.  The pretty little black elephants walking across its edge give life and vitality to this table while heavy elephants take the load. 

Antique wooden rectangle

The size and decor of this room arranged in a grand manner with heavy drapery and carpets deserves furniture of equal strength.  While large dining tables occupy a large amount of space they also give stature and depth to the dining area which may not require any other adornments except chairs to sit around. This stately table designed out of teak has been given a strong touch of veneer to leave it in its natural state so that it will age on its own.  The legs are strong and carved adding a touch of classic glory to the table and creating an elegant platform for family and friends to enjoy meals together.

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