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We're thrilled to be back with yet another offering of top 5, and are even more excited by what a mixed bag we're able to present you with this week. The most popular was no surprise, one of our classic prefabricated homes complete with plans for you to marvel at while imagining your very own home and how you would organise it. For that same reason, our second most popular article of the week was a simple but wonderful list of beautiful little modulars, also complete with their plans. Also super popular were our inspirational guides on headboards for the bed, ideas for laundry rooms and our DIY guide on building your very own wooden deck. What a wonderful mix!

Whether you're about to enjoy these articles for the first time, or you've already taken a look, you should enjoy the Sunday mood, kick back and enjoy them once again. 

Until next week, enjoy. 

1. A small home with plans included

If you’ve been dreaming of a modern, elegant, spacious and visually pleasing home that could accommodate both a growing family and active lifestyle, then today might just be your lucky day. Yes, today’s homify 360° discovery shines the spotlight on a super modern creation conjured up by the professional team of HOMEKONCEPT, experts architects in Kraków.

Their project manages to tick all of the aforementioned boxes, and does so with a contemporary style that makes this house the ideal abode for the 21st century. What’s more, they’ve included the floor plans, which means you can copy it if this particular layout is what you want your dream house to look like.  Care to take a look? You can see the full article here: A small home with plans included.

2. 14 beautiful house plans that are easy to copy

Before building the house of our dreams, the most important step is to thoroughly design the structure. A happy homeowner depends entirely on the skills of the architect, so it's important to communicate your ideas effectively and have a strong idea of what you want your future home to look like.

However, this can be a tall order for those of us who haven't spent years learning how to design buildings. Often we have a vague notion of what we want—exposed beams, polished concrete, a wraparound porch—but no way of fitting these elements together into a coherent whole. Let us help you out. Here's a list of 14 dreamy house plans, ready to download and show to your architect before you get started. All you have to do is pick your favourite…

See the full article here: 14 beautiful house plans that are easy to copy.

3. 10 inspirational laundry ideas

The laundry area may be one of the most neglected rooms in the house when it comes to decor, but the 10 examples we look at today showcases just how modern and sophisticated a laundry room can be with minimal effort, allowing the rest of your home to be neat, tidy and well-maintained. 

Our team of professionals considered a contemporary homeowner that may have a small home, which means the laundry area is incorporated into the kitchen or bathroom. So, if you're looking for ways to upgrade the laundry area, then you may pick up some helpful hints in this feature.

You can read the full piece here: 10 inspirational laundry ideas.

4. 15 unique headboards you will love

There are lots of ways to make your bedroom a little more exciting and dynamic, but we really love a stunning headboard and the extra level style they can add to a space. 

From rustic wooden variations through to padded velvet styles, we found a fantastic selection of headboards to show you today. Given that they've all been used in amazing home design projects, you can be rest assured they're all interior designer approved. So before you start redesigning your whole room, step away from the paint, check out some of our favourite styles and see if a funky new headboard could totally revamp your bedroom!

See the full article here: 15 unique headboards you will love.

5. How to build a wooden deck—see how they did it step by step!

If you're looking to give your garden a stunning upgrade, you can't get much better than a luxurious wooden deck. 

The perfect deck can be as small or as large as you like. It could be as low-key as a little circular patch in the middle of the lawn, or it could be an expansive stretch of wooden boards that wraps itself around a swimming pool—the choice is yours! There are so many types of wood to choose from, and so many shapes to consider. There really is a deck to suit everyone. However, aside from versatility, the main advantage of wooden decking is how easy it is to install. Although the process of construction itself is not too complicated, the necessary steps should be strictly adhered to in order to create a deck that is as durable as it is cute. Find out how to build your own beautiful wooden deck with this simple, how to guide!

Read the whole guide here: How to build a wooden deck—see how they did it step by step!

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