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The garage is a place where the car is stored. It can also be the place where things that have out used their purpose, or destined for other places get stored. It can sometimes be a dumping ground for anything and everything that can’t fit anywhere else. For this reason, it is often cluttered, messy and disorganised. An organised, tidy garage can serve many more functions than a messy, disorganised space. The colder winter months are a great time to get out there and organise this area, ready for the summer fun.  The thought of making over a tired, cluttered garage can seem daunting, but with a little help it is a great opportunity to create a functional and fun area. With a plan, creativity and plenty of fun you can create a wonderful new space. These garages have been made over to create surprisingly multifunctional and stylish areas.  Try incorporating some of these ideas into your garage make over plans.

Small Garage

A garage is a great place to personalise and call your own. It does not matter the size of the space, there it can always be made over to create a functional and stylish space. This small garage is a great example. This compact garage has limited space for storage.  It has been designed however to make full use of the space and to create a very stylish and creative area. The simple garage consists of basic flooring, two shelves at the end of the room, and a series of photographs along the left wall. This room seems more like an area in the inside of the house than a garage. It could well be the cars bedroom. It is a wonderful example of a personalised, creative space.

Clearing the Clutter

Sleek, smart and with plenty of storage - a garage makeover in Cookham Dean Garageflex

Sleek, smart and with plenty of storage—a garage makeover in Cookham Dean


One of the most important things to do when deciding on a garage make over is to clear the clutter. Remove everything from the garage and sort into categories. This may include things to sell, things to donate and things to throw out. The garage is now clear. This is important as the next step is to organise how the space is to be used in its new form. This garage is a great example. In its current empty state, it is easier to create a new plan on how this place is to be used. Are existing shelves, cupboards and previous storage solutions to be used, or should they be removed and taken away. What structures need to be installed before kept items are returned to the space. These important decisions will depend on how the space will be used in the new plan. For ideas on clearing clutter see Making Clutter Work.

The Plan

Tiled floor - a great solution for the garage Garageflex

Tiled floor—a great solution for the garage


Now that the plan for the new garage design has been decided, it is time to create this new environment. Consideration should first be given to the state of the initial space. Does it need maintenance? Will it be painted? Does it require a new floor?  The owners of this garage opted for bright tiles for the floor. This creates the illusion of a larger garage space. It also brightens up an often dark space. They also have a family that are passionate about bicycles, so they have installed a rack to hold all the bicycles in the house. They have also installed cupboards at the end of the garage for storage. These include both lockable tall cupboards as well as an open shelf for smaller frequently used items. This is a great start. For more bicycle storage ideas see Flat Bike Lift.


Need to store all your tools in the garage? Try a feature wall! Garageflex Modern garage/shed

Need to store all your tools in the garage? Try a feature wall!


When the basic maintenance and structure of the new design has been completed, it is time to start to bringing back everything into this space. It is important that things are well organised in the new space. A well organised garage space allows for things to be stored neat and tidy and are able to be found easily when required. With this in mind, it is best to group all items to be placed back into the garage according to their primary function. The gardening items are placed together, the car equipment is placed together and so on. This garage demonstrates this well. All household maintenance equipment are neatly placed in this corner. This allows for everything to have a home which is tidy. It also allows for everything to be seen and easily accessible when it is required.


Once all items have been grouped into the different functional zones, it is now time for the fun part; the design. Each grouping is assigned a zone. All the bicycles are placed in one area, all car related equipment is placed in another area. This means that if one is looking for oil for the car, they will definitely find it in the car equipment area. This smart garage illustrates this well. The sporting equipment is all located towards the front of this garage; the unicycles, the bicycles and a surfboard. These are placed on hooks on the walls to allow them to be found and accessed quickly and easily. The shelves next to the car are assigned to a different purpose. In this way the garage is a more organised and functional space.

Garage with a View

The majority of houses are built with a garage added to them. This warehouse conversion seems to be a renovation with the living areas designed around the garage space. In this space the car is definitely the hero of the room. One side of this garage consists of windows. These lead directly into one of the main living areas. This allows for the residents to relax in the living space while gazing upon the beauty of their car. This garage had a minimalist design, consisting of just the space in which the car is located. It is also a highly functional area as it allows easy and quick access to the garage.

The garage is often the place in the house where many items are stored and often forgotten. It can quickly become cluttered, messy and unusable. Winter is a great time to turn this around. Take the plunge and plan and design a complete garage make over.  Remove all unused items and create clever storage ideas for everything else. In this way a functional, organised garage will be created that will be a delight to use. Don’t be afraid to personalise it with the colours, purpose or design. For more ideas see Organisational Tips for a Modern Garage.

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