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Verandas are spaces for relaxation during early morning and evening which and help to maintain balance between indoors and outdoors. Irrespective of season and weather, house owners with verandas prefer to spend at least an hour or two every day in their private space. You can leave the veranda open to the elements or cover some parts of it with a latticed frame for privacy but either way it will be exposed to the elements. 

People generally decorate their verandas with cane or rattan furniture, swing, potted plants, rugs, decorative metal barriers and stylish illumination to boost its appeal. Homes with verandas’ in tropical areas usually have ceiling fans to allow family members and guests to relax during summer. To improve the aesthetic ambiance of the veranda you can even add touches like wind chimes, hanging lanterns, hidden music or even a small table-top fountain that will bring charm and excitement to the area.

Cane swing

There is a relaxing air about swings shaped like chairs and more so if these are designed out of jute as then they become more long lasting and can be used by adults and children alike. The twin cane swings in this picture are hung with thick steel chains from main beams of the house to make them strong enough to withstand weight of adults. Well decorated balcony showcases eclectic taste of its owner as everything is laid out with precision and even the eclectic cane stool has same pattern as the swings. The color scheme is a perfect mix of browns and whites as flowerpots and side curtains are in white while chairs, table and walkway terracotta tiles from garden to door are brown.

Potted plants

Flower plants in small pots and large ones add to the beauty and charm of an open veranda as they fill the area with color and sweet fragrance of flowers. There is nothing as glorious as sitting in the warmth of sunshine on a veranda with a warm cup of coffee or tea on a cold winter morning. This simple reclaimed wood furniture comprising of a bench and stool are sufficient furniture for an open air veranda to enjoy summer and winter evenings reading a newspaper or sharing snacks and jokes with the family. The ideal plants for verandas are those that have a mild scent like night queen, wild rose or jasmine that enhance atmosphere when you want to take a short after dinner walk back and forth in the veranda.

Colourful bird sculptures

haldia city center art project , ART FOR EVERY ONE mrittika, the sculpture ArtworkSculptures
mrittika,  the sculpture

haldia city center art project , ART FOR EVERY ONE

mrittika, the sculpture

Most homes in suburban areas have huge patios or a veranda running around the house that tends to become a storehouse of unwanted furniture, books and other unwanted stuff in the house. Why not decorate the area with small art objects or sculptures made of stone, metal and terracotta which enhance the aesthetic beauty of your veranda? These delightful little pigeons made by professional sculptors Mrittika are perfect for narrow balustrade that is commonly found in veranda.

As these are made of terracotta and placed firmly on the railing there is no chance of these birds falling or breaking down nor are they likely to fade easily under rain or heavy sunshine. This kind of bright and cheerful sculpture adds colour and cheer to a dull veranda devoid of plants which can bring a sense of happiness and well-being to children and adults.

Mats and stools

Weekend Home Ashleys Bungalows

Weekend Home


Low stools and floor mats made of materials like jute, cotton, plastic wires and other kinds of durable fabrics are common in most Asian verandas. These can either be used to sit on when there are too many guests in the veranda or for pets like dogs and cats to relax. An elegant wide veranda like this surrounded by verdant green garden is perfectly laid out with rustic wooden seats created out of tree trunks and wicker seat along with woven jute mat. On a hot summer evening the entire family can relax in this veranda and enjoy the cool breeze until weather cools down.

The low roof fitted with terracotta tiles is ideal for tropical homes as it cools down faster than traditional concrete and asbestos. Though most homes in residential layouts with other houses in close proximity prefer to keep some part of their verandas covered, this property owner has kept it wide open to enjoy the elements as the surrounding area also belongs to him.

Cane chairs

Black Wicker Chair homify Garden Furniture

Black Wicker Chair


Versatility and durability of cane chairs make the ideal for veranda areas and these are found across homes in Asia and Mediterranean area wherever cane furniture is available in local markets. If these are finely made and painted with waterproof materials cane chairs will last for several years without any special care. This cosy Mediterranean style veranda shows a perfect balance between style and utility. Simple limestone tiles make up the floor which remains cool even in hot summer afternoons so children can run barefoot on it at any time of the day.

Black metal stools that can easily fit inside each other to save space keep company of the chair that sits smartly between luxurious green plants. Brass metal pots add color and sparkle to light blue wall of the veranda. A pretty antique candle lamp is also placed on one of the tables that can be lit up when long discussions are being held on late nights on the veranda over cups of soup.

Open air cooking

A portable electric powered barbecue adds a perfect touch to a veranda on a cold or warm day. Fun of outdoor cooking with everyone waiting around expectantly cannot be compared to regular meals even if family shares meals together. The large barbecue visible here is perfect for a small family or group of friends as it can roast and grill items at a quick pace so meals can be enjoyed in perfect harmony. The barbecue has a steel tray attached to the side so the cook can keep cooked items on plates for guests to serve themselves. Steel body maintains safety and parents do not have to worry about flying coal with children running around the veranda.

If you are keen on exploring more unique landscaping ideas for your veranda then thisideabook can help you.

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