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Six stunning indoor pools

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Minimalist Subterranean Pool London Swimming Pool Company Modern pool
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Having a swimming pool at home has many amazing benefits. Swimming pools are very social places. Including a swimming pool in a home design ensures that plenty of time will be spent by the pool with friends and family. There are also health benefits. They say that swimming is one of the best ways to exercise the entire body as it is a low impact activity. It has also been known to be beneficial to children suffering asthma. Another benefit is that the inclusion of a swimming pool can increase the value of a home. Many prospective buyers are looking for a home that has an existing established pool. A home with an existing pool in a well designed space will immediately attract more buyers. This is further enhanced when the pool is situated indoors or underground. These pools have added benefits; they are able to be used at any time, day or night, winter or summer and they remain cleaner than an exterior pool. homify has found a fantastic selection of indoor and underground pools for inspiration.

The party pool

Gold Award Winning Subterranean Pool London Swimming Pool Company Minimalist pool
London Swimming Pool Company

Gold Award Winning Subterranean Pool

London Swimming Pool Company

This underground swimming pool and entertaining area is the perfect place for parties and events. The main attraction in this space is the huge swimming pool. Next to the pool is an external patio area containing a fully stocked bar and an atrium. This subterranean swimming space is large enough to allow for the whole family, plus friends to host parties and all other special occasions. The large glass windows separating the entertaining area from the pool area allow for full adult supervision of children in the pool. The lighting in this space is well suited to its purpose. There are lights in the pool as well as around the entire underground space. These colourful lights can be set to party mode, where the colours change and pulsate to the beat of any music. This must be the ultimate childhood swimming pool dream. It is also a great place to have parties for adults too. 

The moving floor

Party in and on the Pool with Moving Floor Pool London Swimming Pool Company Classic style pool
London Swimming Pool Company

Party in and on the Pool with Moving Floor Pool

London Swimming Pool Company

Planning to have a pool inside the house can pose some difficult questions. A pool is a large items that will take up valuable space. Will the house be large enough to accommodate a pool? This amazing pool has solved that critical issue. This pool can convert from a swimming pool, into a normal room with a solid floor in a matter of minutes.  This can double the ways you can use this space. When it is an operational pool this space is converted to an ancient roman baths. The rounded pool ends, with the graduated stairs remind one of those famous Roman bathhouses made of marble and gold. The fittings, comprising of the chandeliers, mirrors and gold skirting boards add an element of grandeur. Within minutes the pool disappears and the space is converted into a normal room ready for a party. This amazing pool was created by London Swimming Pool Company.

Subterranean pool

One way to ensure complete privacy in the pool area is to build a pool underground. This is exactly what they have done with this pool. This underground pool has been created to provide the maximum privacy and environment control by the owners. This allows them to be able to use this pool any time of the night or day, without the risk of disrupting neighbours or the rest of the family. The design of this pool is stunning. It has been designed to create the feeling of swimming in an underground cave. The colour palate reflects natural stone to give you the feeling of swimming in a cave. The lighting installed throughout the space adds to this atmosphere, creating the illusion of natural light filtrating from above.  This is definitely a most unique and stunning swimming pool design.

Underground wellness area

This pool is located in the lower levels of a private house. It is part of a wellness area of the house. This amazing pool is the main feature of this area. The Roman Style Pool has all the defining elements of the style from the shape of the pool to the imposing stone pillars. To be able to sink into this breathtaking pool for a swim at any time of the day or night is a certain way to create a sense of wellness in anyone. The cool clear waters in this calm, serene atmosphere would certainly be beneficial to the health. The atmosphere created by this pool is one of calmness, peace and tranquillity. The subtle lighting in the ceiling above adds to this atmosphere. This is certainly a pool that will add significant value to any house. 

Mosaic pool

This exquisite pool looks as if it should be in the house of a Prince or Princess. This stunning pool has intricate details in the tiles, stair railing and stonework. The tiles on the base of the pool and the spa area consist of mosaic work. The gold details on the tiles stand out against the pale background to create a breathtaking pattern that is the design highlight of this space. The gold details create a shimmer through the water, inviting the guest to dive into the cool waters. The stunning stair railing seems to be taken from a different age. Its copper surface has taken on an art deco style as it guides the swimmer into the deeper waters. The lighting, both inside and outside the pool create a very calming and alluring atmosphere.  This magnificent pool has an elegant style and sophistication rarely seen in domestic pools. Install one of these in a house to make friends truly envious.

Bright pool

This pool has all the benefits of an underground pool, with the added surprise of natural sunlight. It is located in the lower, underground section of a house, which provides the residents with the privacy and seclusion that are the primary advantages of having an underground pool. In addition to this, it allows for natural light. But how can this be? This house has a large central atrium descending from ground level into the lower level of the house. This acts as a light tunnel, allowing light to shine down into the atrium and across to the pool area. The white walls of this space make the most of this light, reflecting it across all surfaces and into the pool itself, making the space appear to glow. This is a great way to have the privacy of an underground pool with the added benefit of natural light. For another pool idea see Gracja.

The amazing indoor outdoor pool

This stunning pool is a triumph of design. The Pool is definitely an indoor structure as has four solid walls surrounding it. Although it is the flexibility of these structures that create the feeling that this pool is actually outside. One corner of the room has two receding glass walls which, when receded link the outside to the inside area of the pool. This gives the impression of being outside with the wind and light rushing through the space. The colour palate of this space is definitely neutral. This creates a great background for the stunning mosaic tiles on the inside of the pool. It also allows for the lush colours of the outdoors the stand out as vivid and surreal. The stunning mosaic tiles at the base of the pool create an almost metallic effect through the water giving the impression of depth. This is a fantastic pool for people who struggle to decide on whether to have an indoor or outdoor pool. It comprises of all the benefits of a private indoor pool with the added benefits of natural light and a link to the outdoors that exterior pools have.

There are many reasons why people choose to have a pool. It may be the health benefits or perhaps the social aspect of inviting friends to enjoy a swim. Whatever the reason, deciding to install a pool into a house design is a big decision. Many considerations must be made. An underground or interior pool has many additional benefits; privacy, cleanliness and flexibility of use. These are just a few of the many underground and interior pool designs available. For more ideas seeIndoor Swimming Pools.

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