Top 5- Pooja room designs, Vastu Shastra ideas, TV Room designs and others

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Hello and welcome back to the top 5 ideabooks of the week. Every Sunday, we bring you various new ideas and trending design guides for interior and exterior decoration of your house. This week's list of top ideabook includes Pooja room designs, Vastu Shastra tips for your house, TV placement ideas for your room, creating more space in your house and small kitchen inspirational designs.

All these ideabooks are picked up by our readers. So, have a look and grab some ideas from the list. 

Pooja room designs—7 stunning ideas

Pooja room homify Houses

Pooja room


Pooja rooms are the eternal element for Indian houses and they are considered the most sacred space of the house. It takes a lot of creativity to design a Pooja room. Our designer team presents you a list of ideas to decorate your pooja room. Have a look at this guide and start the project.

Vastu shastra ideas for your home

Entrance view. Kay Studio Country style houses
Kay Studio

Entrance view.

Kay Studio

Vastu Shastra, the ancient home designing technique that describes the layout and architecture of your house is highly appreciated and followed as per Hindu beliefs. In Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the way a building is designed can eliminate negative energies and attract positive energies.

If you want to harmonize the energy and channelize the positivity in and outside your house then this idea book will instantly become your personal favorite. Go through this link and know about the ideas. 

TV room ideas for small houses!

TV rooms are the entertainment corner of any house. They are the place where your family meets and get together. While some people prefer to place the TV screen in their living room, others love to create a small separate section for the entertainment unit. 

Take a look at these professional designs of small TV rooms to get a few ideas on how to incorporate one in your home.

Gain more space in your small home

A small house is a common side these days. They all look beautiful but it takes a lot of time and organization to manage tiny homes. If you're trying to find extra space in your small home, there might be a host of amazing ideas you haven't considered yet. This ideabook takes you on a tour of different small houses that serve as an inspiration for your new house. 

Have a look at them and explore a new world of opportunities.

Inspirations for your small kitchen

If you are the owner of a small kitchen and tired of looking at compromising with the aesthetics to set up everything within the provided space then you are not alone! Cramped kitchens are always a headache.To manage the perennial problem of congestion in small kitchens our kitchen planners have created several interesting layouts that are ideal for small spaces.

Click this link and check out the images of small and well-organized kitchens. 

Pick your best ideabook and let us know through comments!

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