39 modern living rooms designs for Indian homes

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Designing a living room is a rather tedious task, you don't just want to make your living room look good but you also want to make it more functional. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well you can utilise the space. To give you an idea of how to use the available area here are 39 pictures of living rooms. 

1. Wide living room

If your apartment has a wide living room like this then there are numerous layouts that you can try, which also includes corner, central, L-shaped and U-shaped seating arrangements. 

2. Angular layout

Most small houses do not have a lot of open area available and for this reason incorporating an angular seating layout like this is highly recommended.

3. L-shaped layout

For a long narrow room, setting up a small L-shaped sofa can be a great idea to create a beautiful living room.

4. Corner layout

If the living space in your house is situated in a corner then arranging the seating in similar way can be an excellent idea.

5. Central layout

For those apartments that have combined dining and living space, placing the back of the sofa towards the dining table will help you achieve a central layout.

6. Picturesque view

If you have picturesque views from your home windows then placing the sofas around it can help you enhance the appeal of the living room.

7. Cozy seatting arrangement

If you want to create a cozy seating arrangement then placing your sofa near a bookshelf or coffee table can be worth a shot.

8. Wall layout

For those of you looking to make the living room look spacious using similar looking wall layout is a must.

9. Entertainment unit

Living rooms are the perfect location for families to hang out and by placing your sofa near the entertainment unit you will be able to do just that.

10. U-shaped layout

If you have a square living space available in your apartment then incorporating a similar looking u-shaped seating layout can be ideal.

11. Sunk-in layout

Most houses have wall markings where sofas can be placed. So if you have a similar sunken wall then that is the ideal place for your seating arrangement.

12. Customized seating

It is not important to use only one type of living room layout. The designer for this image has utilised the available space by creating a custom seating arrangement. 

13. Multi-functional room

If your living space works as a multifunctional room then placing a small two seater sofa can also help you achieve the same design you like. 

14. Modern layout

To achieve a modern layout in your living room incorporating white colour furniture can be a great idea.

15. Living room and plants

Another great idea for making your apartment living room look beautiful is adding plants. Potted plants are the best alternative for small rooms as they are easy to maintain. 

16. Stonewall

To achieve a unique look for your apartment creating a similar looking stonewall can also be worth a shot. 

17. Neutral colour living room

To create a good vibe in your apartment style living room using neutral colours like beige, white, and light brown must also be considered. 

18. Fire place seating

If you have a small fireplace in your house then placing the sofas around it can also be a great gathering location. 

19. Focal wall arrangement

Focal walls can also be the right place to create your seating arrangement. By placing the sofa to face the wall you can create a beautiful layout. 

20. Picture window

Most lhouses already have picture windows, so if you place the sofa near them then you can receive natural light and create an amazing design. 

21. Long L-shaped layout

If you love entertaining guests at your place then adding a long L-shaped seating arrangement like this can also be considered. 

22. Colour combination

The colour combination of your living room is also an important feature to beautify the room. Using bright colours will uplift the vibe of your home. 

23. Highlighters

Incorporating proper lighting in your living room is a great way to make it look lively. Highlighters are the best option as they focus on one single area of the room.

24. Accessorizing

By accessorising your living space with bright colour cushions or lamps you can enhance the beauty of your furniture.

25. Sunlight window

If you have a sun-light window like shown in the picture then placing your sofa right next to it can also be ideal for illuminating the room.

26. Colour contrast

If you're looking to create a grand living space then using two contrasting colours like shown in the picture is a must.

27. Bold colour furniture

To highlight your living room in a apartment using bold colour furniture like shown in the picture is also worth a shot.

28. Statement light fixtures

To enhance the beauty of your living space including statement light fixtures like chandeliers can also be a great alternative.

29. Wall of windows

Most houses come with a wall of windows which offer great views to its surrounding and by placing your sofas towards these walls you will be able to extend the outdoor charm into your house.

30. False ceilings

If your house has high ceilings, you can create the entire design according to it, or you can also create a false one you can customise the design.

31. Creative layout

Incorporating different pieces of furniture in your living room is also a great way to build a creative looking entertainment space.

32. Black and white

Using a traditional black and white colour combination can also give you a breathtaking living space.

33. Backdrop

The backdrop of your living room is one of the most important things in order to make it look beautiful. By adding wall mounted light fixtures you can achieve customised backdrop.

34. Settees

It is not important that you only include sofas is in your living room. You can also use settees to create a central seating.

35. Parallel to wall

By placing your sofa parallel to the wall you will have enough walking space around your living room.

36. Single sofa

For those of you who do not require a lot of seating in the living room using a single sofa like this can also be considered.

37. Paintings

One of the simplest ways to make your living space look grand is by adding huge wall paintings.

38. Dead space

Houses have a lot of dead corners that are not utilised well. By using the space to build an entertainment unit or bookshelf you can turn it into a multifunctional room.

39. Customised Seating

For those of you who do not like traditional layout designs, creating a customised look is also advised. You can place a single long sofa like shown in the picture to have a unique looking living room.

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