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6 practical features every home office needs

AR Design Studio- Elm Court AR Design Studio Modern study/office
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The design of a home office has seen tremendous change in the past few years. While earlier it was just a classic design with furniture neatly placed at appropriate places, the modern times have witnessed new patterns and sensibilities. Now a home office can be included in smaller areas as in city apartments as well. While, the key essentials of the home office still remain the same, modern designs and out-of-the-box shapes have replaced them. The key reason behind the home office is it should always be motivating for you to work harder in your field. So, here we bring you an idea book that showcases the main steps to build a trendy home office. All these steps can be followed in smaller areas as well. These designs majorly include colours, lighting, plants and office furniture.

Colours and materials will help your concentration

AR Design Studio- Elm Court AR Design Studio Modern study/office
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- Elm Court

AR Design Studio

Colours and materials are highly imperative in holding your concentration. It is believed that dark and swarthy shades may lead to loss of focus. Therefore, the home office should always be coloured in mute and neutral shades.  These shades are much soothing and help you concentrate on your job. Moreover, a simple and plain wall hanging looks absolutely ravishing on top of a light pastel shade. You may as well go for cotton fabric wallpaper that is lightly toned and has little or no coloured features. Along with the colour, even the texture of the wall paint is highly essential. Go for simple and lightly coted paints. One should try avoiding thick layers of plastic or acrylic paints, as they look a little overwhelming. Also, while an accent wall is a great source of colour and style, try avoiding using bright colours in accent walls too.

Lighting system: the best to relax eyes and mind

Proper lighting is highly desired for a perfect study or home office. Lighting acts as a soothing breather to your eyes and mind. All the time when you are focussed towards your computer or laptop, your eyes undergo a lot of stress due to the harsh radiations. That is why the lighting should be such that it does not overwhelm the overall aura instead should create a much soothing environment for the eyes and mind. While a study lamp or table lamp is a must for personal office, you might want to go with an overall lighting plan if you are a group of people working together. Also, always design the home office with glass windows that can allow maximum incoming of natural light. There cant be a better stress buster than fresh air and warm sunrays.

Space-problem solving

Space solving is a common problem encountered in modern world. Even in home office designs, owners have to go through this obstacle. The simple solution to fight the ever-increasing space problem is to organise the desk and library in one tiny corner. These are the two most important piece of furniture of the area. Once these are in place, you can make place for other furniture and collectibles accordingly. In a small city apartment, you can go with minimum room décor so that only the necessary items can be included in the home office. If you are blessed with space you can as well go with wide displays of trendy furniture and modern designs. Another way to reduce space occupancy is to build in wardrobes and bookshelves mounted in the wall. This way you do not have to make extra space for an additional bookshelf. The above study room has been designed by Amory Brown Ltd. keeping in mind the space crunch of this residence. 

Plants & Co: why and how to set them in your home office

Including nature is an important part in any room décor. However, the placement of the planters is an important aspect in the room decoration. While the planters should be placed in a wide and spacious area, they should not hinder your view or movement. Also, the planters should be such that they do should neither have a pungent or strong fragrance nor should have very dark colours. Succulents are best suited for a formal look in the home office. They are visually appealing and look nice and compact. Another way to include planters in your home office is by including small table planters. These add a stunning elegance and a dash of colour in your room. You can go for little bright colours like pink or orange to enhance the beauty of the room.

Heating system: better under the floor or not?

A heating system is highly desirable in houses that are located in colder areas like Europe, Alaska etc. It can be introduced in many ways possible. Heat can either be provided in the conventional way by using fire pits or room heaters or can also be provided by contemporary methods like under floor heating. While under floor heating is a popular concept in bathrooms, it has also been introduced in study rooms as well. Room heaters and fire pits can sometimes hit in a single direction only thus making it uncomfortable after a certain point. Under floor heating provides uniform temperature control thus making the place warmer from all sides. You may also go for the most traditional way of using warm sunlight to heat up your area in the mornings. In case you do not receive sunlight for days together, you may go for artificial heating system.

Last but not the least: the touch of beauty on the walls

No one likes a pale dull room. So to add a touch of elegance and colour in your home office, go for formal displays like mirrors, paintings and trendy wall hangings. This will not only enhance the beauty of the room but also will provide a soothing sight to the eyes and mind. Do not try to go with bright and gaudy items. Also, shimmery and shiny items should be avoided. An accent wall will also be a good idea but should be done in a sober and subtle manner. You may as well go with mute wall tattoos like inspiring and motivating quotes. These will also motivate and persuade you to work harder. Try opting for a modern wall clock that makes a beautiful wall display and a highly functional tool.

Hope this guide book of inspired you with many new ideas of home decor : 7 bedside tables that blend anywhere in your home

What are the other features you want to include in your home office? Let us know in the comments below.
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