10 charming living room designs for Indian homes

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Most rooms in a home, such as the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, have a clear function. However, in modern Indian homes, the living room or family room serves as a multi-functional space that integrates with the dining area and, quite often, the kitchen. It’s a social space where you relax and spend time with your family, entertain visitors or enjoy leisure activities such as watching television.

Unless you give living-room design its due importance while you are building or renovating your home, you may not use the area efficiently and may regret not having hired a professional to help you optimize the space. We’ve highlighted 10 simple yet lovely living room designs to give you an idea of how design can make the difference. They range from industrial to rustic, so take your pick depending on the style that you prefer.

1. Industrial chic

This is a quick and affordable solution for renovating an old apartment by replacing the flooring with wooden planks. The layout uses just one large comfortable sofa arranged parallel to the storage bench. This makes the room look more spacious, instead of crowding it with too much furniture. When additional seating is required, the dining chairs can be pulled up from the adjoining space. The exposed electrical pipes bring in an element of the industrial design as does the open shelf just below the ceiling, which is great for displaying accessories.

2. Warm and cosy

Another parallel layout that has the sofa facing the TV unit, this one also has bookshelves on the background wall and wood coating on the floor and ceiling, which infuse the room with warmth. A chaise lounge is placed near the picture window for enjoying the view of the courtyard.

3. Rustic charm

This design uses built-in bench seating to optimize the available space. The casual seating as well as the colourful cushions and rugs bring a lovely rustic look to the living room. Potted plants and wood cladding on the background wall introduce natural elements that add to the relaxed feel in the space.

4. Modern

HOUSE-04(renovation), dwarf dwarf Classic style living room

When the living room has a square layout, like in this home, it’s important to leave sufficient room for walking around comfortably. A modern sofa and a lounge chair provide seating, while the foot stools serve as additional seats when visitors come calling. One of the sides is left open to provide easy access to the space, while the storage cabinets are placed flush against the wall so that they don’t block the passageway. The neutral shades used throughout enhance the modern theme.

5. Elongated sofa

In some apartments, the space for the living area is narrow and elongated. The best option to make the most of the layout is to use a long seat that faces the wall or the balcony. In this design, the seating faces the terrace with sliding doors that can be opened to integrate the two areas and provide more seating in the form of the deck chairs, whenever you have guests.

6. Another long and narrow layout

This image presents another option for a narrow and long living room. The elongated sofa is placed against one of the walls, while the other one has a slim cabinet for the flat-screen TV and a few accessories, as well as an upholstered chair for extra seating. The coffee table too is narrow and long, so that it doesn’t block the passage.

7. Platform partition

In an open-plan layout, the living room can be visually separated from the rest of the space by placing it on a slightly raised platform compared to the rest of the area, like in this image. The cosy layout has one side left open to provide access, while a large coffee table knits the seating and the entertainment unit into a warm space.

8. Another open-plan layout

In a small studio apartment such as this one, the living section has an L-shaped sofa placed parallel to the low TV cabinet and a narrow coffee table in the centre. The low furniture ensures that the living room has an airy feel and optimizes the natural light coming in from the windows.

9. Soothing colours

K's HOUSE, dwarf dwarf Scandinavian style living room

In this loft apartment, the living area has just a comfortable upholstered sofa and an egg-shaped coffee table to keep it from looking too cramped. Extra chairs at the dining counter can provide additional seating while entertaining guests. The use of soothing pastel colours and shades of wood gives this room a relaxing vibe, while the geometric-print rug and polka-dot cushions add to its warmth.

10. Eclectic with luxurious elements

H's HOUSE, dwarf dwarf Classic style living room

The use of leather and wood gives this living room a luxurious air. Its charm is enhanced by a range of eclectic accessories, including colourful rugs, a star-motif throw on the sofa, wrought iron-lampshade that brings in a vintage element, contrasted by the ultra-modern flat-screen television. However, all the elements blend beautifully to create a warm space that resembles a cosy den.

For more living room ideas see 9 flexible living room solutions.

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