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26 ideas to create a small garden in unused corners of the house

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Whenever we need a dose of colour in the garden, we end up planting a lot more colourful flowering plants. However, there are many other ways to bring colour to your garden.

We all want a beautiful garden, but not all of us have the expertise to tend to a beautiful flower garden. Unless you are expert gardener who can choose the right plants and trees, it is not a joke to have a garden. But don’t worry, here we give you easy tips to make your garden a cooler, more stylish place that is pleasant to the eye. Create magic in your garden now!

1. Colourful pots are a good start or simply paint old pots in new vibrant colours for a fresh new look!

2. Delightful accented lines of different colours will add freshness to the look and feel of your garden.

3. Make a DIY pot with fabric. It’s very simple to make one!

4. Do not be afraid to experiment with a variety of materials in your garden. The carpet has become a beautiful wallpaper here!

5. Patterned wallpaper can look great in your garden too.

6. Bright colours in the background of your plants look great. Brightness juxtaposed against beauty!

7. Monochrome is an amazing option to place your plants. Calm colours can look beautiful too.

8. How about you shift focus from where the plant is placed? No matter how dull the corner, the bright colours will make everything better.

9. Add a few pieces of décor to the mix. Nobody can beat you in expressing your unique self!

10. Do not be afraid to play with colours and patterns.

11. Add unique features in your garden wall as a backdrop. We are sure you will love the outcome.

12. Bright colours and retro themed pot racks are the perfect way to make your garden funky!

13. Add a little art in your garden! Painting plants are also a great way to spice things up.

14. Decorate with a delicate, tough through coloured pots in the frame.

15. Pillows and cushions with bright colours can always provide additional colour and style to your garden. Try to match the colour of the pillow to the pot for an amazing play of colours.

16. The beautiful yellow ladder steals the show, doesn’t it? Give your outdoors a little colour, you will love it!

17. Have a dining table in your garden? Add a touch of colour further with a colourful table cloth.

18. Iron pots can be sprayed with new colour to make a charming looking garden.

19. Let’s not forget white! Look at this charming white garden.

20. Ombre is a trending colour. Paint your pot with ombre for a stunning effect.

21. Stripes are another trend. Go ahead and enjoy!

22. Terrarium always has a unique beauty to itself, especially if you are painting an iron frame with bright colours.

23. A wall with motifs, cool plants in racks and brightly coloured pots – why not!

24. You can also place the plants in different coloured pots for a vibrant garden.

25. Save the old T-shirt and make a basket pot that can look great too! Plus, you have a colourful pot at hand.

26. Garden chairs are the best way to brighten up your garden. The bird shaped turquoise chairs take our breath away!

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