Living room decoration ideas for small homes

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Your living room is the most important part of your home. It's where you relax, receive guests, and get the majority of your life admin sorted. So why would you not make sure it's absolutely perfect?

The basic components of the ideal living room haven't changed much over the years. A comfortable sofa, statement armchair, quality carpet, solid coffee table and tasteful artworks will never be out of vogue. However, these elements are open to a lot of interpretation, and there are so many trends and styles to choose from! Interior designers across the world have developed their own unique looks and tricks to make a living room look luxurious. Here are a few of our favourites to get you started…

1. Chic structured minimalism is jazzed up by bright colours and vintage accents

2. Never underestimate the importance of good lighting—these wall fittings transform a plain white wall into a shimmering dream

3. Living rooms don't need to go heavy on the textiles. Homes in tropical climates will benefit from cool tile floors in citrus colours

4. Use statement furniture and abstract modern art to add pops of personality to an otherwise plain living room.

5. A multi-textured feature wall adds an extra element of fun and surprise to this small and cosy room.

6. Pick pop art shapes and colours to really make a statement! We especially love that quirky purple stool/side table—how unique!

7. Channel some major spa vibes by keeping colour to a minimum. Work with strong lines and subtle shapes to mix things up…

… and don't forget the tranquil artwork!

8. Smaller furniture fits well into tiny living rooms or awkward alcoves. Make even more of a statement by opting for bold monochrome

9. Keep your cool with grey neutral tones and simple Swedish-style furniture—this look is so modern

10. Make sure your living room has the biggest windows possible. If you can include a sliding glass door and a balcony, all the better

Bonus points if you have a view as stunning as this one!

11. Channel your inner New Yorker by stripping the walls and painting the bricks white for chic industrial glamour in a jiffy

12. If you are lucky enough to have a period home, make the most of those supporting beams by painting them and installing small spotlights

13. Take an eccentric approach to interior design by mixing up a range of influences and styles.

Persian rugs, baby grand piano and boho pot plants are a surprisingly good combo!

14. Unleash your inner hipster by taking a trendy approach to living room design. Build a wall out of suitcases and aim for cool coffee house charm

15. Small living rooms don't have to be stuffy—a low-key industrial theme can make a tiny space look cosy and appealing

16. Finally, your living room doesn't have to be for one thing only—pop a foldaway bed into the mix and you've got yourself a bedroom, too!

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