20 pictures of fabulous bathrooms for your home

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We either ignore it or design it in hustle, in spite of the fact that this space is the most private place in a home where we all love to spend some ‘me’ time. Yes, we are talking about bathrooms. Have you ever thought why we don’t pay much attention in decorating our bathroom? Is it because the doors remain close and it is not visible to our guests? The bathrooms of your house are for the inmates and decorate it for them and for yourself. Big or small, a proper design can make the functional bathroom look amazing and beautiful.

In this ideabook we have compiled 20 pictures of fabulous bathrooms for you to get inspired. So, open the door and walk into a beautiful bathroom.

​1. A wall of stone

The aesthetic beauty of stone wall is mesmerizing. It looks modern, neat and impressive and in combination with white it is stylish.

​2. Perfect blend of black and white

Black mosaic tiles in the shower area and bright white in the remaining part including the sink, it’s soothing.

​3. Interesting geometric pattern

Grey and wood dominates this bathroom. But what immediately grabs all the attention is the interesting geometric pattern created by tiles and different design of the sink.

​4. Comforting colors

Choose the comforting colors for the bathroom. All white could be monotonous. Add color to give it a modern touch. 

​5. An affordable modern look

Designing a small bathroom is challenging. But with little thinking you can transform it into a modern bathroom. Like here in this picture, the sliding shower glass doors is elegant and space saving too.

​6. Wood and stone: classic combination

Wood and stone will always look perfect together. The open wooden shelves are convenient to maintain in bathrooms. The stone slab and pebbles on the floor and on the top of the cabinet is attractive. Thinking to copy it?

​7. Bubbling with colors

Colorful patterned floor tiles, wooden sink, wall color and finally the sparkling yellow cabinet door, it vibrant and colorful like we Indians.

​8. One from the stone age

Walls of stone, wooden flooring, a very simple sink table and glass shower doors. This is undeniably a very interesting concept to try.

​9. Rustic charm

Rustic charm of stone leaves a lasting impression on the space. Easy to maintain, it’s functional and beautiful. If you want you can cover all the walls with stones or complement it with tiles.

​10. Wet and dry area

It’s a good idea to separate the dry area from the wet area in the bathrooms. A simple steel and glass shower door is enough to define the wet area. It looks cool!

​11. Clean and clear

Keep the furniture of the bathroom simple and neat. The sober and clean look of this bathroom looks great.

​12. A unique partition

It’s an amazing way to separate the toilet area from the sink and bathing area. The partition wall is beautiful. The contrast of wood and white is always classy.

​13. Long and compact

The length of a small bathroom can be effectively used to create a functional and beautiful bathroom. Choose colors of lighter tones and place the lights strategically. It will make the space look bright and spacious.

​14. Cool shower room

It is better to have a shower room than a bathtub in Indian homes. Shower has more cooling effect in Indian climate. The white bathroom and white tiles in the shower area looks soothing.

​15. Phenomenal white

The picture says it all! The only thing that comes to mind is mesmerizing.

​16. Say it with flowers

Give your bathroom a bright and vibrant makeover with floral tiles. Select the color of your choice and see how cheerful it looks.

​17. Open brick wall

This is an innovative idea. The dominant white bathroom with a portion of its wall deliberately left with open bricks. It’s unique!

18. ​Freshness of blue

The shades of blue have given a fresh look to this bathroom.

​19. Vertical lines of wallpaper

The advanced technology has flooded the market with moisture resistant wallpapers. If you like decorating the walls with wallpapers, then this one is for you. Take inspiration from here and change the wall.

​20. Pure and pristine

Though a little tough to keep it shining bright, but pure and pristine white is a preferred color for bathrooms. The serenity of this color is contagious. Isn’t it?

If you have a small bathroom and is hunting for ideas to make it beautiful, then this one is for you: 15 ideas to make the small bathrooms look beautiful!

Do you have more ideas to make a bathroom look spacious and beautiful? We are waiting to hear from you.

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