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19 Charming gardens that you would love to implement

Rita Deo Rita Deo
Bungalow at Undri Space Craft Associates Modern garden
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The art and craft of gardening is both a hobby and pastime for those who practice it which also brings instant gratification in the form of beautiful flowers and appreciation from everyone that views it.  Greenery with or without flowers have the ability to gladden the mind and soul which is why homeowners that cannot have a garden on land, use planters at every available space inside their home. While some people use their love for greenery to improve the land around their house with vegetables and flowers others use this hobby to make a business as landscape artists.  

In this ideabook were are presenting a list of beautiful gardens created by professional gardeners than can easily be implemented around your home to make it a place that wins appreciation from everyone. The ideas also provide to improve an existing garden that lacks imagination and turn it into a mini forest that will have small birds and colorful butterflies flocking to your backyard!!

1. An eclectic mix of flowers and colorful leaves at the gate

2. Rock garden with succulents and flowers suited to local weather conditions

3. Covered patio for sitout

When you have space to set up a patio in the backyard then turn it into a enchanting sit-out with a colorful garden to relax with family and friends.

4. Desert garden

Worried about lack of water in dry areas? Create a rustic garden with stones and cactus that are easy to maintain.

5. Walled garden

An old water pot and faded wall here serve as a stylish background for a tiny garden laid out with flowers and stones

6. Wooden protagonist

Contemporary Garden Design Balham homify Modern garden

Contemporary Garden Design Balham


Wooden boundary wall and benches set amidst green plants create an easy place to relax in the evenings when weather outside is good.

7. Magical garden

Charming white walls and white stones border a pathway made of old planks and black pebbles. Attractive garden ornaments lend charm and beauty to the garden if care is taken to purchase those that can manage all weather conditions.

8. Let the stones show you the way home

There is something intensely romantic about walking a pathway lined with colorful flower plants from entry gate to doorway in this minimalist garden.

9. Zen garden

Create a region of tranquility with simple stones and shrubs. Combination of large stones with small pebbles has helped in creation of a pretty pathway leading to a small sit-out surrounded by serene layout of plants, shrubs and small statues.

10. Circular path to paradise

11. Garden in the foyer

Rock garden with prominent planter supported by others just below the skylight gives a creative twist to foyer especially as it is flanked by glass enclosed water outlet.

12. Yard with cheerful flowers

Modern Family garden in North London Earth Designs Modern garden
Earth Designs

Modern Family garden in North London

Earth Designs

Even if you have a small backyard with little space for a garden, random seasonal flowers planted at corners can turn the region into a colorful paradise like here.

13. Garden within the house

14. Flowers below the window

Give color and spark to your entrance area with a small patchwork of lively plants like this that will make the house stand out among others in the row.

15. Grass within flower beds




Do leave empty land bare even if it is just small slices on the side of the house. Combination of plants that require little attention and green grass can make it worth a second look and make the house approachable too.

16. Colorful background and lighting

AIS Designs


AIS Designs

17. Pool and rocks

A Luxirious Thatched Villa iammies Landscapes Mediterranean style garden
iammies Landscapes

A Luxirious Thatched Villa

iammies Landscapes

The garden has everything that a one could wish for in the backyard, a tropical paradise with palm trees, pool and colorful plants!!!

18. Elegant simplicity

Sometimes a plain and simple decoration speaks louder than words.

19. Garden on the wall

Give form to broken terracotta pots with DIY motifs and designs. These can be fitted across the house be it balcony, living room, hall, kitchen and even the bathroom for clean indoor air. 

Does this ideabook inspire you to create a garden then we have some more Easy ideas to create a dream garden in small space.

Which garden did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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