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A beautiful 5400sqft house near Pune

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11 K-Waks Studio K-7 Designs Pvt. Ltd Modern houses Concrete White
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11K-Waks is a private and sprawling weekend house built by the architects at Studio K-7 Designs Pvt. Ltd. for a businessman and his large family on a one-acre plot of land near Pune. 450 trees were planted to make this a refreshing and eco-friendly property for three generations. Since the plot is sloping, the different functional areas of the house are situated on different levels, which make for interesting interiors. From the street, only the roof is visible, ensuring privacy for the inhabitants. But once you enter the lobby and explore the house in details, stunning views of distant hills and the khadakwasla backwaters greet you. All rooms come with terraces to enjoy and admire nature, and an open plan layout allows the interiors to look expansive and airy.

Keeping the needs of each generation in mind, the grandmother’s room has been planned on the lowest level, while the master bedroom is on the upper floor. The kids’ room lies beyond the massive swimming pool in the backyard. Owing to the slope of the plot, a natural water trough was created under the grandmother’s bedroom to store rainwater. Solar heaters, solar-powered garden lights and contemporary designs make this property a nature-friendly one as well.

Gorgeous location

Set amidst green manicured lawns and rolling hills, this large contemporary house wows with its sleek and trendy lines and contrasting colour palette.

After sunset

Golden interior lights shine through the lavish amounts of glazing wrapping the house on all sides, making it shine like a jewel in the dark.

Stunning poolside

A spacious patio paved with stones and a warm, wooden deck make the poolside ideal for relaxation, sunbathing, picnics and parties.

View from the pool

Soak in the breathtaking natural views as you take a refreshing dip in the beautiful blue pool. The deck that wraps around the master bedroom on the upper floor extends to offer shade to the pool.

Light and shadow

The pergola-like projection above the spacious terrace outside the master bedroom creates a charming play of light and shade during daytime. From here, you can admire the landscaped grounds, cool blue pool and the backwaters.

Open plan living

An open plan layout merges the living with the dining and kitchen seamlessly, thereby making the house seem all the more spacious and airy. Trendy furniture, stylish lighting and soothing hues help too.

Bringing in light

Large glass windows abound in this house, bringing in the natural light as generously as possible.

Beautiful integration

A lavish white couch and sleek wooden coffee table make the living area attractive, while folding glass doors open it up to enchanting outdoor views and fresh air.

Play time

As you move away from the living space, you come across a large pool table under stylish pendant lamps. Also note how a massive wooden wall unit featuring shelves of different sizes hold the TV and offer ample space for organising books, showpieces and more.

Nature love!

A small vertical garden in the kitchen lends tons of freshness to the interiors.

Lavish bedroom

Light-hued wooden flooring, an intriguing false ceiling and neutral tones make this spacious bedroom look luxurious and modern. The large bed comes with bold cushions and stylish bedside lamps, while a beautifully filigreed black screen lends lots of uniqueness. Massive sliding glass doors open up this room to the airy terrace as well as natural beauty.

Vibrant surprise

Splashes of sunny yellow and bright blue jazz up the spacious bedroom occupied by the kids. Wood, white and grey make the environment elegant and soothing. Sleek wooden platforms around the bed allow the young ones to study, play, and organise toys as and when they please.

The view from this bedroom is awe-inspiring too, and there is no dearth of ventilation when the sliding glass doors are open!

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