15 stylish ideas to separate spaces in your home

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The most common feature of modern homes is the integrated rooms, especially the social area. We don’t see a different living or dining rooms now. It is usually a larger area or hall which is divided to create living and dining space. The divisions can be depicted by carpets defining the area or the change in decoration or just erecting a symbolic wall. But these even sound unattractive. We believe that every space and decor of your home is the expression of your taste. So why not separate the space in style? Make it as stylish as your personality.

In this ideabook, we have brought 15 fabulous ideas to separate the space. Copy it, steal it or adopt it by giving it your personal twist and get ready to receive the envious admiration from your guests.

1. Elegant simple cabinet of frame

A simple thick wooden frame separates the space elegantly. The bottom has close cabinets and top has open shelves with lights shining from above.

​2. Asymmetrical stylish shelves

The great combination of wood and white in irregular shapes and the perfect lighting arrangement are creating an excellent design.

​3. Wall with a view

 A simple wall is boring. But carve a jharokha or window with beautiful pattern on it and see the transformation.

​4. Voluminous separator

This wall separator is big. But the choice of color and its combination with wood looks amazing. It is neat, simple and attractive. Decorate the space and make it more beautiful!

​5. The multi purpose L-shaped furniture

The L-shaped open cabinet is a smart idea to separate the space. It can separate the space from two sides and since it is a cabinet it will be useful too.

​6. Separating the veranda from the living room

The playful combination of open wall and niches will look great when cutting the veranda from the living room. Hide something and show something, it is your prerogative.

​7. Wood is always fashionable

It’s an elegant way to separate TV space with the rest of the room. Solid wood below and wooden panels above with a generous touch of white, it is impressive.

​8. Wooden cabinet and natural stone wall

It would have been just a simple cabinet dividing the space if the stone wall was not there to create a drama. It is modern yet it has retained its rustic charm.

​9. An aquarium in the middle

If you desire to have an aquarium but think that you don’t have space to keep it, use it as a space separator. It will look great!

​10. Modern and elegant, black is beautiful

A simple black wall standing tall to separate the space looks elegant. Get inspired from this design. Even the niches on the wall are there for some purpose.

​11. Curvy separator made of wood and glass

The curvy divider made of wood and glass is perfect to divide turning space of your home, especially if it is near the stairs. The senior citizens of the house can get something to hold while taking the stairs.

12. ​A part of the decor

Design the separator so that it becomes the part of your decor and doesn’t look like a divider. The grey wall separator here has gelled well with the interior of this room.

​13. Dividing from above

A part of the roof ceiling extending down and a part of it reaching the floor to divide the space is also a good idea. You just have to be creative and use the walls to decorate the space.

​14. A fireplace to separate

What a stylish way to separate the space! A modern fireplace in the lower part of the wall, a beautiful artwork adorning the upper portion and planter beside the partition, this is a fresh idea.

​15. Hiding the staircase

The open cabinet is a beautiful idea to use as a separator if you want to hide the staircase. The benefits of open cabinet is that you get space to display your collection of books, souvenirs, artifacts or even your collection of wines.

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Which decorative wall separator do you think is best for your home? Do let us know in your comments below.

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