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8 TV panels for small and large rooms

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TV panels are excellent for adding emphasis to the entertainment area of the home. Available in a multitude of materials, the panels are easily available in the market, and at a fair economic cost too. Lightweight and easy to install, TV panels take up little space and serve as a wonderful addition to the décor. TV panels also enable the easy installation of floating shelves, making use of wall space and thus freeing up more space in the living room.  

In order to choose the suitable TV panel for your home, it is important to pay particular attention to the size of your TV. It is essential that the panel be on each side is at least 15 centimeters larger than the TV. Another key is to pay attention to the weight of the device. This information is available in the manufacturer's manual at the time of purchase. The presence of a panel will greatly enhance your room with a great advantage, both aesthetically and functionally. We invite you to see the decorative and functional possibilities of TV panels in this ideabook, and enjoy lots of inspiration. 

Panels and colours

In this design, for example, a wide panel is used that extends over almost the whole wall creating perfect symmetry with great elegance. You can add color to the bare wall for a beautiful contrast.

Horizontal TV panels

The variety of styles for TV panels can be divided into horizontal and vertical formats. The vertically elongated panels have the ability to perfectly cover spaces such as hallways, where walls are taller in parallel format from one to another.


The built-in panels can give a perfect fit not only for the presence of the television, but also for the organization of other decorative elements. A perfect example is this perfectly planned design and with a good distribution of built-in lamps, which brought great organization for this living room.

Luxury TV panel

The colour white is excellent to create a large room, well lit and with a perfect clean sensation. When combined with elegant textures, it brings luxury to the decor. This white TV panel offers the perfect highlight for the use of the television in this space. Illuminated by a set of well-distributed lamps, this design harmonizes a beautiful combination of other elements in the same tone as the ceiling and sofa. The carpet makes the living room even warmer, and a great tropical feel brings life to the space, thanks to large potted plants.

Adjusted space

Although the space for the TV may not be very large, the panel can give a very interesting light to a small room. This emphasis is especially good for giving personality to a space of limited dimensions and when the possibilities of decoration are limited as well. This small TV panel in brown tones adds nicely to the beige coloured wallpaper in the background.

The elegance of wood

The magic of wood is no secret to anyone. This material easily fits with other colours to give a beautiful touch to the decoration. For the TV panel, the presence of wood is especially beautiful, as it provides a perfect contrast to the television, usually chosen in dark colours. The design of this panel decorated with small lamps and some white shelves, brings a perfect combination with the vinyl floor. 

Contrast with white

In this project, the well-planned apartment has a beautiful and elegant wallpaper on which combines perfectly well with the simple white panel, providing the perfect contrast to the dark color of the TV. This sum of the background colour and the white TV panel brings a perfect combination with the other elements that make up this beautiful living room

Vertical TV panel

The vertical TV panel model is a great choice for a room with high ceilings. In this way, it becomes an excellent complement to the height of the room. For a more visually interesting result, try to choose those models that bring movement in your design, such as the one pictured here. A good example of the vertical model can be seen in this image, which uses the piece to highlight the interior.

We hope you've enjoyed the ideas here. For more TV room inspiration, have a look at 12 pictures of trendy TV rooms.

Which TV panel do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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