8 pictures of door and window grills for your home

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Wrought iron is one of the best known materials to create intricate decor and designs in architecture. Since the medieval times, this malleable material has been used not just to create stunning designs, but also to protect doors and windows. Over time, wrought iron designs have also evolved to suit country homes and even modern ones.

If you love these centenary ornaments, today we present a diverse variety of windows with wrought iron designs to inspire and recreate the view for a while. 

If you love wrought iron, then you are in luck! We bring you beautiful wrought iron designs to give your idea of this material a refresher.

1. Ornamental patterns for balconies

It is never too late to include wrought iron designs to your home. This image here shows a small balcony decorated with elements made from wrought iron. The frame has been bolted to the concrete of the wall. No matter how small the space, wrought iron can be employed to decorate it.

2. Protection and decoration

Here is a modern home that has intricate wrought iron work in its windows. With flowers and elegant design this window frame is a stunner. Any design you have in your mind can be achieved with delicate, fine but strong iron threads that take the form of the intricate patterns you imagined.

3. Easy patterns for climbers

Iron grates and frames are the favourites of climbers and vines. Let a vine climb through the grate at your home so they can spread their foliage throughout giving your home a medieval look.  To avoid blocking out the façade, choose simple vertical grill patterns for plants to easily climb on.

4. Iron and wood: the classic

Wood goes well with almost every material existing. Iron and wood are a combination that has been rocking through the ages. They together present rustic and colonial styles that are strong and infallible and protect enclosures well. Wouldn’t you want this beautiful style adorning your home?

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

5. Art Deco style

The art Deco style revolutionised the world of architecture in the 1920s. Today, this design is widely used to recreate vintage buildings and architecture when the richness is sought. This image here shows us a spectacular entrance carved in wrought iron that can stun the onlooker.

7. Iron up at the gate!

Iron need not just be restricted to windows but can be placed at the entrance too! A beautiful way to spice up your entrance is by adding wrought iron gates to protect a large space, the designs must be kept to their simple best by reserving long patterns for large spaces with custom design for main entrances.

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8. Modern and chic!

Who says forged materials are only for the traditional homes? Thanks to amazing computer designs and expert craftsmen, iron can also be shaped into beautiful and abstract designs to create minimalist designs of cross over bars that are modern and chic.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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