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10 things that make your home ugly (and how to prevent it)

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As we go through the rooms of our home, we sometimes encounter a nagging feeling—a glance at a feature or item we pass each day that disturbs us. It bothers us, and yet it's difficult to say exactly why

There are sometimes design elements in our home which can be really annoying if they are implemented incorrectly. For this reason, we have created a collection of 10 annoying faults that happen quite frequently in the design process. Luckily, most of them are easy to be rectified again!

1. Overcramped hallway

Whether we live in an apartment or a house, the hallway is one of the key elements that leave the first impression of our home. If the entrance area is not impressive, even though we can still attempt to make up for it with the rest of the house, the truth is the first impression remains. The design and style of a hallway is not necessarily easy. First of all it is a very functional area that is used a lot. We leave our jackets, coats and shoes there, letters and keys and it is therefore necessary that we nevertheless achieve some kind of minimalism in this area. Clothes, shoes and accessories should disappear behind the doors. A hallway that is not over-cluttered makes a big difference.

2. Dirty walls

Completely white interiors can be stunning. However they rarely remain forever pure white. Things like hand-prints, especially if one has small children, dirt particles from the fireplace or insects inevitably smear the walls in a long run. If we use washable paint however, the walls can be wiped once a week with a very clean cloth. Otherwise every four to five years the rooms require a fresh new painting. Kitchen and hallways naturally perhaps even sooner.

3. A bad smell that never goes away

​Small matt kitchen design LWK London Kitchens Modern kitchen
LWK London Kitchens

​Small matt kitchen design

LWK London Kitchens

Where does this strange odor come from? If the smell comes from the kitchen, it could be at the drain, which is easy to clean. Add some vinegar, baking powder and lemon juice. This recipe also makes the sink wonderfully clean. Even after having a roast meal or a fun Raclette evening, an unpleasant smell can invade a room. The simple lighting of scented candle can provide a miracle especially in the winter time.

4. Dusty decorations

We all love our decorative objects in our home however once dust has accumulated on it, we must intervene and quickly. Unfortunately this does not always happen because it is time consuming and one forgets to clean these detail-loving accessories. The best solution is of course is to pack them away if you can separate yourself from them.

5. Bathroom without enough light

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Modern En Suite Design


There are hardly any things that disturb more than a badly lit bathroom. It is not romantic if one imagines so, because how could we wash our face or put our make-up for example in the early dark winter mornings, or even shave while looking in the mirror when we can hardly see anything. LEDs are very energy-efficient and make lighting in the bathroom a cost-effective solution. If the bathroom has a window, this is a bonus and please do not hide the light unnecessarily with those roller blinds. 

6. Old fashioned kitchen

What about an old-fashioned kitchen? By this we don't mean the kitchens in vintage or so called retro style, but those that are truly out-of-date. This is never a good look. A kitchen can be renewed without it having to become a very large investment. Simple things like door handles can be easily replaced, old devices in the same way, and a new work surface in modern design can give the kitchen a whole new outlook. 

7. A bedroom that is too small

Bedroom, bed, headboard and bedsides muto BedroomBeds & headboards

Bedroom, bed, headboard and bedsides


A small bedroom can make us desperate. What can be done to such rooms is to make the room as minimalist as possible. Too much clutter and the room loses its cozy appeal and it becomes small and messy. The less we accentuate in the room, the seemingly larger the area. Interior designers have made this particular bedroom although small perfectly neat and stylish.

8. Empty walls

A bit of minimalism is very chic, but too much of it and we create coldness and sense of isolation. You don't want to create an impression that you have just moved in although you live there for years! Paintings, photos, or wallpaper provide a nice atmosphere on the wall which can be easily adjusted to each personal taste.

9. Messy dining-room table

The dining room can quickly turn into a space where everything is resurrected: laptops, mountains of homework, documents or games. But this does not have to happen. Things and belongings should always be stowed away where they belong, for example in the kids room, office or in the closet. The dining table should remain free as a piece of furniture that serves its original purpose where we can sit down at any time of day to eat alone or together, without having to remove objects prior.

10. A boring garden set-up

Bespoke Western Red Cedar hairpin leg table and built in floating bench Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design Modern garden Concrete
Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design

Bespoke Western Red Cedar hairpin leg table and built in floating bench

Tom Massey Landscape & Garden Design

Often we invest all our efforts, time and money in making the interior of our house great but often ignoring our terrace or garden. The garden is basically an extended living room in which we should feel comfortable and happy to be able to relax there and enjoy fresh air. When it is beautifully designed, it not only adds value to the house, but it makes us proud and satisfied.

Want some suggestions to make your garden shine again? Then take a look at this Ideabook.

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