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Modern bedrooms: 18 ideas to copy right now

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Decorating your bedroom is not something to be taken lightly. It’s a private space where you can rest and recharge to face the new day, besides allowing it to reflect your personality using colour and décor. Many a time, it can be confusing and even a bit overwhelming trying to decorate or redo the room where you spend most of your time at home.

To help you get ideas, we have compiled 18 spectacular examples of modern rooms to suit a variety of tastes. Forget your old room, and copy one of these ideas to modernize your bedroom and give it a new look. You won’t know which one to choose!

1. Cosy with a strip of light

A horizontal niche arranged in a strip on the wall, from one end to the other, functions as an axis used to arrange the rest of the furniture and décor. From this bedroom, you can get inspired to create an ingenuous niche of light that not only lends itself as a decorative element for the head of the bed, but also serves as a shelf.

2. Modular and multi-functional furniture

The table we see on the bed in this room is a movable unit that can be shifted from the head to the foot of the bed. It can be used as a shelf or even as a table for those who love to have breakfast in bed.

3. Optimize to make the most of each corner

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Loft rooms have the advantage of ample natural lighting, especially in a design such as this one, which has a studio apartment with a bedroom in the mezzanine created by using just furniture. Keeping only the essential furniture such as a desk, closet or a comfortable bed can make the room seem like a pleasant and organized space.

4. A bed that floats

We love this modern and futuristic design that has the bed as the main feature. It’s a single piece of furniture that has the bed merged with the headboard and side tables attached to it as well. The ergonomic design makes the bed seem like it is floating, thanks to the base that is coated with mirrors that reflect the floor.

5. Bedroom and study – all in one!

Having a studio apartment should not restrict you from decorating your room majestically. If you share a living room or study with your bedroom, the ideal solution is to use a design that integrates all the area. Always think about the functionality of furniture so that you can maximize the space and achieve a comfortable environment.

6. Textures to enrich the design

Another way to create inspiring and unique spaces is by combining textures. Coatings such as brick, wood and thick textiles can add charisma and style to your bedroom. You can use them to add texture to the floor and walls.

7. Vibrant colours

The colours that we use to decorate our rooms directly influence our mood. For this reason, you must carefully choose the shade you want on your walls. It can be striking, like the citrus tone we see in this image. Colours such as this are perfect for awakening energy and filling you with joy, so long as the shade isn’t overpowering.

8. Taking advantage of everything

Sometimes, we come across some rather strange and complicated layouts, such as having a pillar in the middle of the room. At first glance, it looks chaotic and impossible when you are creating a layout. However, if you can’t get rid of it, then make the most of it like in this clever design where the pillar becomes a part of the structure of the beds, and additionally holds shelves and acts as a divider, converting the negative feature into a positive one.

9. And, there was light!

In bedrooms, the most sought-after thing is a calm and ethereal feeling, so light is a very important element when you’re designing the space. In this project, which is covered from top to bottom in wood, the illuminated wall makes the room’s interiors glow in a unique way. You can replicate this idea by embedding lighting in the ceiling, mirrors or pieces of furniture.

10. Pure minimalism

The purity of white makes the color one of the favorites for decorating bedrooms, especially because of its relaxing and peaceful effect. The elegance of a white room stands out even more when it is combined with minimalist décor. Let textures play the primary role in enriching your space to avoid unnecessary accessories.

11. With unique character and style

Your personality should shine in your bedroom, so you should decorate to your taste and select pieces of art or furniture that are unique and reflect your personality. Use recycled furniture, bold colour or whatever else speaks your style. You can choose vintage, eclectic or even a combination of several styles that will always be in fashion.

12. Romantic and cosy

Simple decoration does not necessarily fall under the category of minimalism. Elements such as wallpaper can give new life to an outdated space. You can choose from innumerable shades, textures and patterns to bring your personality and style into the room.

13. Taking advantage of natural light

Connecting to the outdoors is important within any space, especially when light and natural ventilation are essential to make the room more comfortable. Picture windows can provide a unique experience in a bedroom, but be sure to have a heavy curtain to protect your privacy.

14. Earthy colours and simple decor

For those who love simplicity and earthiness, colours such as coffee, cream or beige are perfect for decorating the bedroom. Use darker or deeper colors for the head of your bed, and keep the accessories simple and functional. Invest in unique and stylish pieces for a luxurious result.

15. Think outside the box

If you are innovative and creative, your room will be the ideal place to express yourself. Forget about classic or ordinary designs and create unexpected features such as a circular closet! Storage spaces allow you to play and have fun with shapes, so think up unique shelf designs to make your room special.

16. Symmetry never goes out of style

Regardless of the style that you choose, maintaining symmetry and balance in your bedroom is extremely important to ensure the flow of energy within it. Use an axis or focal point when you design the room to ensure that it always looks tidy and visually appealing to anyone who visits it.

17. A surprising room

An unexpected element always surprises, so you can add one to achieve the same result in your room! Take advantage of the wonders of architecture and the advances in design to create rooms with unusual accesses like the one we see in this image. Folding stairs, sliding walls or a recessed bed are some of the options that you can use to hide your room or create a feature that surprises.

18. Sober and elegant

If you want a room to reflect your sober personality, emphasize the look without making the room appear dull and boring.  Stay away from all the elements that you do not need, and only use pieces that are striking or valuable to you. This room has neutral tones and art that make it visually appealing.

For more design ideas for modern bedrooms, see 31 modern bedroom designs to inspire you.

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