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10 great ideas for modular shelves for modern homes

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In the current lifestyle, people are aware of what they want for their home and actively participate in furnishing their home. This is where the modular furniture come in.

Here we bring you 10 great ideas to add sparkle to your home with modular furniture that is fun and functional and look amazing too!

Remember: Modular means to repeat many units of the same kind (in this case a shelf) and make it more functional and interesting. The following examples are to inspire you to create yours at home or from a skilled carpenter. Let’s take a look!

1. Cupboards can have fun!

Why the same old regular boring cupboard patterns when you can have fun with bold colours and geometric patterns? Play around with horizontal patterns like it’s a game of Lego or Tetris!

2. Stack it up!

These shelves are very easy to make and brilliantly make for more space by simply creating more space and scope for decoration. By stacking one on top of the other, these shelves make for a visual treat and space for simple family pictures and so.

3. Honeycombs

Hexagonal shapes are amazing for shelves because they have not four, but six surfaces connect and play with. Also, they don’t have to be close always. Leave some open and some closed so it looks like a honeycomb.

4. Niches with lights

If our walls have the scope, then why limit yourselves to the usual designs. Place your most treasured pieces of décor in shelves made with plain colours and patterns and highlight them with lights!

5. Colour modular shelves

This picture here shows how you can adapt one type of modular shelf to both either side of the sink. The colours lift your mood instantly, are flashy and have great utility value.

6. Simple and elegant

For an interesting piece of modular furniture, you don’t need fancy wood or much investment in paintings and décor. Instead, it is about creating a space that can be utilised well and the principle of repeated designs that work with the rest of your home.

And remember: less is more.

7. Suspended Modular Shelves

Create beautiful and dynamic combinations of space and style with modular furniture that need not necessarily be united.

8. Adaptable shelves

The point of modular furniture is not just with the shapes and sizes. You have all the freedom with the structure of the shelves and how you want to put it all together. Just remember, that the shelves have to be functional and made of durable material.

9. Cubic Shelves

Another great idea is to create cubic shapes out of modular shelves while freeing more space between the various shelves to accommodate other furniture. This is a great way to maintain a sense of spaciousness within the home.

10. Play with shapes and sizes

Finally, we can assure you that modular furniture is perfect for all types of homes and storage needs. They are flexible when it comes to their shape and size making for some great furnishing techniques that are also light on the pocket.

Checkout how to create your own shelving system in 6 easy steps here.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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