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30 pictures of modern living rooms to inspire you!

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The modern style of architecture is very versatile and offers multiple options to decorate living rooms. This trend also takes into account how much more comfortable rooms can be made to make them more pleasing to the occupants without losing out on the style and visual appeal. Ideas vary, but retain the essence of the design philosophy.

The use of large and comfortable furniture like a big sofa or armchair can fulfil the function of a bed is proving that furniture and décor is all about dynamism without compromising on a person’s preferences and without giving up on the style of the home either. Here we present 30 modern and fantastic living rooms crafted by our designers which we are sure you will love!

1. The warmth of wood floors

Achieve instant warmth and a welcoming look at your home with wooden floors.

2. Modern and elegant

This room is a healthy combination of the old and the new and it is balanced out perfectly.

3. Sophisticated decor

Here the coffee able and the lamp placed at the centre of the room are the heroes of the room!

4. Joining the kitchen

The large armchair creates an exclusive space for relaxation right next to the kitchen, creating a very pleasing and functional zone.

5. Different colours

Create a sophisticated and modern living room by combining various shades that would enhance the design of the room.

6. Delimiting with furniture

Here, the armchair serves as the centrepiece while creating a division in the common space of the room.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

7. Taking the corner

If you do not have a lot of space in the house, you can manage to take advantage of a corner with some shelves to create a nice living room.

8. A beautiful way to separate

This large living room is beautifully divided into two by this partial wall in between.

9. Blank

Using white on both floors, walls and ceilings, as well as in furniture, ensure that a completely modern design is achieved.

10. Neutral and pleasing

The neutral colours and warm tones of this room are classic and speak of timeless elegance. They create a comfortable environment.

11. Combination of white and wood

Here is a great example how the texture of wood can be incorporated into your living room.

12. Living in harmony

Here a living room is inserted smack into an open space without disrupting the rest of the home. The kitchen and dining room are placed together.

13. Absolutely cosy

Who said contemporary rooms have to be cold and unforgiving? The room with a unique airy design with cosy furniture is very warm and welcoming.

14. With a retro touch

Modern architecture isn’t just about straight and geometric patterns. Here in this room has a retro touch to it and looks mesmerising!

15. Classical Modernism

Here in this room we see neutral tones, grey and white tones with simple furniture creating a modern fusion of sorts.

16. With a fireplace

The simple and minimalist fireplace here is the central axis for designing a modern living room.

17. Lighting is key

The design of this artificial lighting in the ceiling makes for a very original atmosphere with a very modern personality.

18. Natural lighting

Natural lighting is also a very important part of your living room.

19. All in One

If your living room and shares its space with other rooms in the home, then a comfortable sofa would be great!

20. Original & fab

The entire design of this room revolves around the large and comfortable sofa and we are not complaining!

21. For the book worms!

Two sections of niches that serve as a book shelf frame the door to this living room making it a book lover’s paradise!

22. Bright colours and full of energy

As we have already discussed, a modern living room shouldn’t just be restricted to neutral, grey tones. Play with colours to add life to your room.

23. A contrasting wall

Here’s how the living room defines the black wall in the room and in turn adding personality to the room.

24. Minimalist decor

Painted in pure white with minimalist furniture, this living room is elegant and contemporary. The décor is an excellent and complements the smaller room.

25. Custom furniture

And when the furniture in the market is just not right for your home, design your own fab furniture!

26. Taking Advantage of Stairs

This room is unique in itself because of the furniture laid out to utilise the space under the stairs.

27. Ultramodern fireplace

This living room is amazing with its original and chic fireplace that become the focal point of the design here.

28. Less is more

Less is more, this living room here is the best example of a cool minimalist design!

29. Bright and cosy

Thanks to the annual light flooding into this room, it is very welcoming and charming.

30. Double height

The double height ceiling is in fashion now. It creates more space and a comfortable atmosphere.

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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