9 Polished concrete floor ideas that will fascinate you

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One of the latest trends for flooring materials is to use cement lining and polished micro-cement instead of standard tiles is gaining popularity among house-owners. Concrete floors have time and again demonstrated their beauty and inexpensive maintenance in high traffic areas gaining them fans from around the world among designers, decorators and home-owners. This material gives the floor a smooth and shiny finish that barely needs maintenance. 

The material can give rooms ideal floor design depending on the design style that owners wish to adopt be it rustic, industrial, minimalist and also modern. Its recent innovations include choice of colors and finishes wherein flecks of colorful stones are added to the cement making concrete as the preferred choice for the interior spaces of the house, leaving aside popular options like parquet or tiles.

In this ideabook, we present a few interesting floor creations with cement that will inspire you to experiment with the polished cement and benefit from its advantages.

1. Bright interiors

The installation work of cement floor is pretty simple which consists of spreading the concrete mixture on the floor to form a 7 cm thick layer to incorporate varied types of finishes, colors and textures. As wood plays the role of a protagonist in this region, the concrete has been given an equivalent color to compliment both material coatings. The result is a personalized smooth floor and unique atmosphere  that is bright and airy with ample flow of light.

2. Living room floor

The polished cement floor in this region is as glossy and elegant as marble and gives an air of refinement to this modern dining area. The idea of using furniture that compliments the color tone of the floor shows how a bit of careful planning can beautify any space. This dining area is the perfect marriage of contrasting materials and design.

3. Sharp bathroom

The practical cement floor can resist any stain and dirt accumulation making it easy to clean and maintain. Easy availability in wide variety of colors and finishes allow bathroom designers to make different combinations with the furniture, walls and ceiling of the bathroom in situations like here. The combination of solid colors like gray tones, brown and white is very elegant that give it an incredible avant-garde air.

4. Bright and luminous

The glass wall across the foyer brings in unrestricted flow of bright sunlight into the region which reflects off the polished cement floor, making the region bright enough not to require artificial lighting during the day. To give this the required desired brightness, the grey floor is treated with polishing machine that uses diamond discs or resins of an increasingly thin thickness until the surface achieve perfection.

5. Neutral but not dull

The possibility of breaking the tiles or eventual leaks would be eliminated with the polished cement. An advantage of solid concrete floor is that it does not compromise on beauty and aesthetics largely because it has a unified surface without slots. Its non-slip and easy dry capabilities due to chemical composition make cement ideal flooring material to avoid accidents in places where water usage cannot be avoided.

6. Matching textures

This type of floor is ideal for giving designer touch to the space like here as wood in similar color tone brings luster to the region. The ability of concrete to absorb any tone according to surroundings enhances its superiority as flooring material in comparison to others.

7. Enjoy an open floor layout

If you have been wondering how to bring a new design aesthetic into your home, look no further as concrete is cheaper and resilient than other materials and can also be formed into beautiful floors with varied designs and geometries. With high gloss finish the floor can look like natural stone or tiles for wet and reflective surface.  Every part of the house flooring both inside and outside can be designed using cement as it is both durable and versatile. Flooring experts advice usage of silicone based penetration sealers in homes where both exterior and interior flooring has been done using cement.

8. Polished cement for exteriors

This form of cement flooring usually used in shopping centers, hospitals and factories where there is a huge number of foot traffic  . and looks just as new. While this type pf porch floor and design may be tough and enhanced with stones to weather damage due to  weather elements it is no less beautiful and versatile. The professional floorer will be able to make the right selection that is resistant to the sun and rain.

9. Combination of rustic and modern

Combination of rustic brick walls with modern electrical gadgets with underplay of smooth cement gives an air of sophistication to this trendy kitchen. The layout of shiny granite counters and black cabinets and elegant industrial style chairs complement each other across the polished cement floor.

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Which concrete floor did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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