20 amazing bedroom design ideas to get inspired!

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Renovating the house frequently brings some freshness to it. If not the complete house, even changing the décor of a room is enough. Isn’t it? In today’s ideabook we have brought 20 amazing 3D design ideas for your bedroom. If you are planning to renovate your bedroom, then you will definitely love these designs. If you are not planning to change the décor then you will surely get inspired to do so.

The 20 images that we have compiled for you have everything to meet your requirements and suit your taste. Colors, textures, accessories, modern ideas, classic charm… you think and it is here.  Let’s get inspired!

​1. Neutral colors for neat and spacious look

If you have a small bedroom, then take some inspiration from this picture. The choice of colors makes a huge difference. Neutral and soft tones will make the room look modern, fresh and spacious. The pendant lamps and the wall decoration are adding to the decor of room here. The floor area is left uncluttered for free movement in the bedroom.

​2. The right size of the furniture is the right choice

A beautiful space can be created simply by choosing the right furniture. Make sure that the furniture is in proportion and fits in the space.

​3. An original bookshelf

This is an original and innovative idea to create space for the books you love without reducing the size of your bedroom. Try it, you will like this change!

​4. The rustic charm from the old world

Open bricks wall in combination with black and grey tones bring back the charm of the bygone era. The bedroom is perfect for young generation.

5. Say it with pictures

You change the walls, the look is changed. Paint the walls or simply hang some new pictures on them and feel the change.

6. A wall with a view

There may be a few challenges in your room. The good thing is that you can hide it creatively. We will tell you how.

If your bedroom has no windows, place a photo-mural on the wall with the view you wish to see from your room. If a window is there but you hate the view from it, cover it with a screen with beautiful view printed on it. Show your creativity and enjoy the view!

​7. A dramatic one

If you love color and are also looking for some drama in your bedroom, then this one is for you. Paint a wall in bold color and make the niche on it. Give a dramatic makeover to this niche. It will instantly grab the attentions. Now experiment with the lights. The lamp placed on the floor and one on the nightstand is creating more drama here.

​8. Perfectly mismatched and youthful

This is a perfectly mismatched and youthful design idea. It shows the original fun side of your personality. You can change the look of your bedroom by making just three changes: replace the header with some neat shelves, color a wall vibrant and bring home a designer quilt. Isn’t it easy to transform the décor?

​9. A classy and elegant look

If you want a classic look for your bedroom, then this one is for you. This white and grey room is elegant and peaceful. The header, the lamps on the nightstand and the chandelier, everything here is pure luxury.

​10. The classic combination of black and white

If you want an elegant and modern look for your bedroom and don’t want to experiment much, then go for a black and white room. You cannot go wrong with the classic combination of black and white.

11. Texture on the wall

Textured wall will definitely change the feel of your room. The good thing is that there are many options available in the market for it. You can choose from natural materials or artificial materials, just plan your budget and cover the wall.

12. An elaborate header

The main attraction of a bed is in its header. Change the ordinary header of your bed with this less ordinary one and see the transformation.

​13. A separator in your room

It’s a good idea to keep the work area and bedroom separate. You can create a wall to divide the two rooms or use artistically designed shelves to separate it.

14. Pastel shades for the romantic souls

The pastel colors are perfect for the romantic souls. Brighten up the space and set the mood for romantic evenings with your partner by coloring the room in pastel.

​15. The comfortable luxury

The combination of white, black and wood is sober, elegant and luxurious. If the space allows, place a comfortable sofa for watching TV. You will love it!

​16. Contrasting beauty

Simple is beautiful, and this picture proves it. The neatness in design and beautiful contrast is captivating. Just go for it and create your own contrast.

17. Beauty in simplicity

Change the color of your room, may be white, blue and sand as in this picture. A peaceful and relaxing color is ideal for the bedrooms.

​18. Harmonizing the furniture

Make sure that the furniture of the bedroom is in harmony. If you have TV in the room, make a beautiful cabinet for it instead of hanging it on the wall. This will look beautiful and the cabinet can be useful too.

​19. Splash of red

The judicious use of red in the bedroom makes it look very romantic. Take a clue from this picture and give a sensual makeover to your room.

​20. The small details

Spice up your simple and sober room with some colors so that it doesn’t look boring. If you are not bold enough to make some drastic changes, just add some color through the pillow and cushion covers and some artefact. It will bring some freshness to the room.

Which renovation tip did you like the best? Please let us know your views in the comments below.

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