10 eye-catching houses under 150 square meters!

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If you think that amazing houses could only be build in large areas, you are mistaken. Great things do come in small packages. And these 10 houses are proofs. Let's check them out to get ideas on how to create a practical 150 square meter house plan!

1. Modern and simple

This 150 sqm house may look simple but its modern design exude class and beauty. Its all white facade with black borders on the windows and door makes it eye-catching, together with visible interiors in warm yellow light. 

2. With pool and garden

When you have the luxury of having a cozy pool and spacious garden, why would you need a big house? The modest 150 sqm house design is just perfect for this comfy setup.

3. Modern chalet

The highlight of this house is its glass facade and interesting shape. Its color also makes it chic and stylish.

4. Traditional home

This traditional two-storey home in black and white is perfect for a growing family. The 150 square meter house floor plan includes spacious interiors, and there is a garden that can be used for planting crops.

5. Modern and rustic

We see metal, wood, and glass combine in this modern and rustic home. The house is cozy and comfortable despite its unique appearance.

6. A family home

This home has spacious rooms, which makes it ideal for the family. It also features a traditional and classic style of a family home: white walls and red roof.

7. The dream house

Modern and stylish, this home is a dream! The house looks spacious and secured as well. 

8. Dutch architecture

This typical Dutch house features high-sloping roofs that are useful for rain and snow. There are also cozy patio and garden that Dutch homes are known for. 

9. Another modern home

The facade of this house is highlighted by glass and concrete ceiling. This also allows the interior to be visible, giving it a modern look. 

10. Unusual architecture

The unusual architecture of this house is totally eye-catching. It's like there's a house built within a house!

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What to keep in mind when designing under 150 sqm houses

When space is limited, it becomes all the more essential to blend functionality and aesthetics in the design of a house. Comfort should be a priority since the residents have to live happily in the space. For example, every member of the family should have their own space, even if it is a small one.

Simple details make a difference when designing smaller homes. Open plan integrated spaces are an excellent option for the social areas in a 150 sqm house design as they eliminate the need for walls and give the entire house a spacious and airy feel. Working with architects can help to plan the perfect house within 150 sqm.

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