Modern bathrooms: 20 ideas to inspire your next renovation

Leigh Leigh
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The bathroom is the ideal space to play with original decor and design. 

If you don't have too many square feet available, you don't have to give yourself a headache looking for ways to incorporate the latest trends. A little bit of innovation and creativity can go a long way in a modern bathroom. 

It's also important remember that quality beats quantity. A high quality coating, fixture or fitting can go a long way even in the smallest of bathrooms.

Once you've chosen the fittings and fixtures for your bathroom, however, the decor does become important. There are some accessories that suit all tastes including rugs, vases, paintings, screens, curtains and mirrors. However, there are other accessories that are very dependent on the style of the home owner. 

In order to inspire your modern bathroom today, we've put together 20 photographs that will stun and dazzle. You won't believe just how beautiful a bathroom can look, no matter how small!

Shall we take a look?

1. Tribute to glass

Glass is a dominant material when it comes to modern style.

In this design, we can see how glass has been used very intelligently to create different sectors of the bathroom. In the one corner there is a shower and in the other corner, there is a bath tub. 

The rest of the bathroom features rustic wooden furniture, which generates a gorgeous contrast. 

2. A visual game

This geometric design has been incorporate on one of the walls in the bathroom as well as the ceiling, filling this space with movement and dynamism. 

The rest of the walls have been painted an attractive blue colour, that replicates the predominate tones in the patterns. 

The light wooden floor enhances this chromatic range, which is further enhanced by the strategic lighting in the ceiling.

3. Immaculate clarity

This modern design with its neutral and light tones reinforces the idea of refreshing tidiness. 

The pearl-gray ceramic coating chosen for the floors and walls contrasts beautifully with the white appliances and the transparent glass of the shower screen. The large horizontal mirror over the washbasins adds depth and the feeling of space to the room.

The monochrome look and feel is broken up by the clear wooden furniture, which gives the room a very special touch.

4. A vibrant tone

In this bathroom, we come across a commitment to vibrant tones, which creates a bathroom filled with energy.

The use of red towels and yellow flowers adds vitality to the atmosphere.

Tip: Use plants or flowers to add a natural and refreshing touch of decor to a bathroom space.

5. Splendour of wood

Wood looks good with all styles and works especially well with modern decor. It can become the protagonist of a bathroom, thanks to how it disrupts the monochrome nature of walls painted a single colour.

Wood can also be used for doors, floors, furniture and even the mirror frame.

6. Coloured walls

Many decorators love neutral tones but you don't always have to opt for white, black or grey.

In this design by architects German Velasco, we can see how a dry green colour adds charm and personality to the small room. The white wall breaks up the green tones while the modern bathroom features provide balance.

7. Patterns and textures

Bathrooms can be very interesting spaces especially when they combine several textures. 

This image shows how effective a combination can be, just remember to provide a balance of smooth and textured for an original result that doesn't overwhelm.

8. Variety of patterns

This small bathroom might have been dull and insignificant but thanks to a good choice of materials, is has been beautifully enhanced. The walls have been covered with grey porcelain while the wood of the shower floor adds a warm and homely touch.

Special detail has been added to the wall in front of the sink, which has been completely covered by tiles with different Portuguese designs. A little bit of colour goes a long way!

9. Grey and metal

This modern style is characterized by innovation. Have you ever seen such an original bathroom?

This space certainly doesn't go unnoticed thanks to the use of dark grey tones for the floor and wall tiles. To generate contrasts, the designers have added a shiny metal towel rack as well as a bull's head with horns as a decor element.

This is a very edgy and sophisticated bathroom design!

10. Subtle and delicate

A modern bathroom doesn't always have to be edgy and different. As we can see with this subtle and delicate design, a modern bathroom can also utilize soft tones and white furniture. 

The ceramics in the shower feature warm colours like orange and pastel pink and beige. This makes for a tranquil and serene environment.

11. Multi-colour

These multi-coloured shower tiles are perfect for a modern bathroom as they transform the space into a cheerful, striking and original design. Do you see how green, turquoise, white and light blue all work in harmony with one another?

12. Harmony of colours

Speaking of a combination of colours, it's also very important that the bathroom tones work in harmony with one another. 

You need to make sure that the furniture, accessories and decorative objects all complement each other.

In this bathroom, we can see how successively this has been achieved. Don't you love the white and blue combination with a touch of wood?

13. Circular colours

Modern bathrooms often feature very innovative details. In this image, we can see how the circles of different colours and sizes create a spectacular focal point. This is complemented by the pink upper walls and the white tiles that line the bottom half of the walls.

Once again, we can see how everything works in harmony. Don't you love this eclectic look and feel?

14. Black and white classicism

A bathroom can feature objects that represent the owner, who they are and what they stand for. In fact, this small environment can reveal a lot.

In this classic bathroom, we can see how black and white photographs have been incorporated to create a stunning design.

15. Perfect order

This design manages to convey a pleasant feeling of peace and harmony. Wood has been used for the shower floor, the frame of the screen and the furniture that supports the sink.

The rest of the bathroom features white ceramics, which reinforce a feeling of neatness and minimalist precision.

16. Geometric play

This is an idea that can be applied not only to a modern bathroom but to any other environment where we want to achieve a striking result. 

We can use coating that combines light grey and dark grey triangles with a white background allowing us to create interesting motifs, that give the feeling of movement. 

The rest of the bathroom features can be simple and sublte.

17. Natural presence

Perhaps all you need to do is incorporate nature into the bathroom for a fabulous result. In this design, we can see just how charming it is!

Several trunks of trees have been placed on either side of the bath tub, creating the impression that this bathroom is in the middle of the forest! It also subtly separates the bathroom area from the rest of the bedroom.

18. Light setting

Lighting is the protagonist of any room. This is why it's important to choose good light fittings that enhance the details and designs of your bathroom. 

Here we can see how the light illuminates the sink and mirror area, while creating a soft glow throughout the rest of the bathroom space.

19. Use of contrasts

A bathroom can have a dynamic design thanks to the use of different textures or shapes. However, you can also achieve the same effect by opting for contrasting colours like we find in this space.

The attractive bright green colour is dramatically different to the white background the clear wood of the furniture. 

These contrasts are simply stunning!

20. Game of levels

For those who value innovative designs, why not integrate different levels and layers throughout your bathroom like these designers have done?

Here we can see how a red counter sits above a circular hot tub, with the materials and colours contrasting to create a stunning visual impact. 

If you've enjoyed these ideas, you'll love these brilliant, beautiful bathroom trends.

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