6 Interior design ideas for Indian homes

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Elegance can be presented in many ways in interior design, with the use of lovely, high-quality materials, clean lines and the right colours and accessories. A space can be decorated with sophistication without detracting from its contemporary style.

Today, we take you through some design ideas, including an impeccable arrangement, a luxurious bathroom and other features that are favourites among Indians, because they make homes resonate with class and elegance. While they are primarily modern details, they do have a touch of classic design, making it impossible not to admire them.

A room filled with warmth

This living room has a classic style, but with innovative touches such as the autumnal tones and a few accessories in blue that add a contrast colour to the ambiance. The furniture is arranged in a U-shaped layout around the coffee table at the centre so that the space is easily accessible, but still has the feel of a cosy, contained area. Besides the large painting on the wall, artistic elements are present throughout the room, which along with perfect lighting creates a balanced setting that is elegant and infused with warmth.

A bit of serenity

The master bedroom should have a few distinctive elements as it’s a special place for rest and relaxation. In this home, it stands out because of the use of many shades of green, including some refreshing tones from natural plants, which combine with the white base to create a tranquil setting. The white moldings on the wall, extend to a comfortable sofa near the window, from where the view of the outdoors can be enjoyed.

A spectacular bathroom

The bathroom should be stunning with an element of surprise! A shower that gives a sense of bathing in the outdoors is a nice addition, while the large mirrors on the walls reflect the space to make it look brighter and larger. The sunken tub has a view through the skylight above the shower – perfect for watching the clouds go by while one relaxes in the bath. Wooden flooring and wall cladding bring in a contemporary feel to the room. A design such as this makes the bathroom the best part of the house. The warmth of wood along with the modernity of glass and mirrors set a harmonious environment with a perfect mix of elements.

Stone, wood and glass

The choice of materials has an important part to play in the concept and design of the home, which is why we love the way they have been used in this professionally designed home. The stone cladding is a standout feature that gives a rustic touch to the walls – a look that never ceases to be stylish and classy. Wood brings warmth and personality, while glass adds sophistication and modernity. The three materials are combined in perfect harmony.

Contemporary details

A modern twist to classic elements brings unmatched style, like the innovative fireplace in this home, which is an ideal detail for bringing warmth and sophistication to the room without taking away from the contemporary look of the rest of the house. The design of the fireplace is so futuristic and stunning that it’s all that is required to make the space eye-catching and memorable.

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The bathroom is our favourite! Comment and let us know which Indian interior design feature you like.

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