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Surrounded by gorgeous English countryside is this newly renovated country home. Located in Hampshire, England, the home has undergone changes to its interior, as well as a freshen up for the exterior and grounds. Design experts from Helen Green Design have managed to find a perfect balance of modernising the home, whilst at the same time using the renovation as an opportunity to celebrate the homes traditional, countryside appeal.

Lakeside elegance

Sitting impressively in the warm English sunshine is the beautiful country home. Glistening in the sun is the freshly painted white exterior which has breathed fresh life into the old home. 

The home boasts impressive gardens which lures the family and visitors alike to take a stroll through the natural settings, in particular to the sights and sounds of the private lake. 

Pleasant entrance

Stepping into the home, we're greeted with the humble hallway. Hallways are always tricky areas of the home to decorate since most are narrow in form, but the choices here have been spot on. An old leather golf bag has been cleverly selected to house items such as hats and walking sticks for quick and easy access. A line of gumboots look neat and tidy, and surprisingly clean after those country hikes. 

Sitting room

Down the hall we enter the first living room. It's a spacious room that features a collection of furnishings that give the room a sense of warmth and inclusion. In particular the sofa that has been partnered with an assortment of pillows of varying size and colour. The focal point is the restored fireplace complete with its exposed timber beam supported by the inbuilt shelf unit. The wooden beam brings a particular rustic look, as well as introduces a natural element into the room. 

Meeting point

Further into the home we enter another living room. Compared to the previous living room, the space has a different look, and feels more intimate due to its smaller size and generous furniture choices. A custom shelving unit expands across the entire wall and completely surrounds the window. The unit is perfect for displaying family photos, ornaments, books, and whatever the owner wishes to show. 

Fine dining

The new kitchen is a shared space with the dining room and is a generous space. Commercial grade appliances, large amounts of prep space and storage means that this kitchen will be well served for the future. Despite containing many of the finest modern comforts, the kitchen maintains its cottage charms thanks to the choice of classic style cabinetry. Overall it is a great space to not only cook, but also for hosting large family gatherings.

Muted look

As beautiful as the rest of the rooms in the homes are, the bathroom really is the place to be. Helen Green Design have overseen the perfect bathroom makeover that epitomises luxury and elegance. There's visual intrigue here thanks to the integration of bright accents in the bathroom furnishings and decorations. However, the emphasis lies on the bold form of the standalone ceramic bathtub.

Sweet dreams

Ending our tour of the Hampshire Country House is within the master bedroom. With its high ceilings and an influx of natural light from the windows the room feels light and spacious. Wallpaper choice This is also in-part due to the walllpaper choice with its shades of cream and white that work to breathe new life into the room. From top to bottom the room is filled with high quality finishes. We love the mirror choice with its intricate border, and is placed strategically above the dressing table. 

If this English country house has intrigued you then perhaps the ideabook below will also. In the link below we take a tour of a surprising property located in tranquil countryside surrounding near London. The minimalist design is bound to impress! 

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Which room impressed you the most in the Country House? Have your say in the comments section. 

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